Why Zoe Life?

I am a Christian. A disciple of Christ. It is a part of my life that is at the center of everything I do. I try to reach out to others to make sure they know God's plan for our lives. I even met my husband on a mission team to a small city where we were starting a church.

After my husband and I married we wanted to go and visit his sister in Brasil. She had married a Brazilian man and they were missionaries there. One night on our trip he was off to teach a lesson at church. We asked what it was about and he said Zoe. We were like, "what?" We'd been Christians several years and didn't know what he was talking about. He explained.

Zoe is a Greek word and was first used by Jesus. Previously the word for life had been bios but Jesus said that he had come to give us zoe (life). This new word for life being used by Jesus was describing the type of life that we can only have when we know JESUS.

My husband and I thought it was so cool and decided that when we had a girl she would be Zoe. Well, 9 months later Zoe was born! Our little Zoe brings us so much joy.

But this blog? Well I have Zoe life. The kind of life that is so sweet and lovely because I have the peace of Christ. And my creations are one more way for me to share love with others, a way to give them a little peace (or piece) of me.

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