August 4, 2009

All in Our Family

Isn't this a cool piece of art? It was a birthday gift from Jenn. She stamped our family with the "All in the Family" set, then she masked us and then finally printed our name. So cool huh? She rocks. I'd like to say I taught her all she knows but I haven't. :)

Our family life is crazy this summer. I have spent weeks now, 10 exactly, doing nothing but caring for Zaden and Zoe. Mostly Zaden. These infants now days sure are needy. (hee hee) But I have sure loved it. He is starting to smile and grin more and more and the coos are more frequent too. Zoe is adjusting to him and learning to be gentle. The kids and I will be heading to Colorado this week to visit my family there. I'm not sure I'm prepared to travel with the two of them. But, I'm sure it will be fine. Thank goodness we have a direct flight!

Talk to you soon,

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  1. I need to make one of those family frames for our family - especially now since we have a brand new shelf to put it on :)