March 29, 2009

My Own Decor Elements

I showed you in my last post (that was quite awhile ago) a picture of my friend's bedroom with Decor Elements. Well, I'd been planning to work on my own bedroom for awhile and over Spring Break finally got to work. Last summer I put up a scripture on my wall using plain black vinyl and a Cricut. It turned out well.

But, when the new Decor Elements Catalog came out I really wanted to add the large tree, Thoughts and Prayers, to the scripture. I wasn't totally sure it would work but I had to try it. So here is what I did.

First, the tree comes in two large pieces. On the pieces there are numbered segments. I cute the segments out and laid them the way they should go. There are printed instructions that come in with the tree that show you how to arrange the tree. The next step was to put up the tree on the wall (not attach it) but I used straight pins to put it where I thought it should go, to make sure it looked centered on the wall and over my saying. This was the part I worried about since my saying was there first. Here come the horrible part. (okay, I'm being a little dramatic). I had to peel the backing off of each individual section and rub it to the wall. On smaller Decor Elements pieces this is not really a problem at all. On these bigger segments I did find it difficult and would have done better with help. As it was, I was 7 months pregnant, standing on my bed and sweating and grunting to keep my balance. It was a longer process than it needed to be I think. I'm sure Molly, my dog, found it very amusing but I did get a little exasperated a couple of times. So, if you attempt this tree, recruit a helper and you'll be fine! This is the final product and I think it turned out well. It is hard to get a good picture of our bedroom, I can't back up far enough because of the dresser, but it seemed centered. I was happy with the overall turnout.

What do you think? I'd love some feedback.

Talk to you soon,