November 3, 2008

We're Puzzled

Brett and I tried to complete a puzzle, for some fun family time, but after a few weeks we finally had to put it away unfinished.

I don't think I have ever had that happen! My mom and I always did puzzles together growing up and we always finished. But, this one just wasn't happening. There were about 100 pieces left and thy were all basically the exact same color. We just didn't have the gumption to finish.

Sad, I know. Oh well.

Maybe we'll conquer the next one!

Talk to you soon,

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  1. Hey girl!! Sorry it's taking me a while to mod the comment you left me on the 7th. Life has been crazy again. We're about 80% packed. Mom's helping me with the kitchen this week. The moving truck will be here Friday and we'll be unloading in AR on Sunday. Boy this month has flown by. You should see my sad pathetic crafting space. The only things left unpacked are my ink pad carasel, a large plastic basket of stamp sets and my computer desk. Such a sad sight. The office up there will be set up the same since the extra room is the same messurements, that makes life easy. But the rest of the house is much bigger. Love the master suite. If ever your up that way, hauler at us. Our cells will be active since Katy will finish out the semester with my folks here, then she might either finish the year or move on up. David needs me up there with him, so I'm moving up with the household stuff and coming back for club meetings once or twice a month. Gives me an excuss to visit M&D. Well that's about all for now. Think this is a long enough post? lol