October 23, 2008

Scallop Box tutorial

Welcome to my second tutorial! I am so excited that I actually took pictures! I want to show you how I made the box that I posted yesterday. It was very easy.

1. Using the small envelope die from Stampin' Up, cut out 4 envelopes.

2. Next, glue the flaps together on each of the 4 envelopes.
3. Glue the fouth envolope's flap to the first to make the square.

Tip: I must say that I love the Scotch multi surface adhesive for this project! It is some powerful stuff!

4. Glue the flaps that are sticking out down flat to the inside of the box.

5. Glue the unscalloped flaps together to create the bottom of the box. There will be a teeny hole in the middle of the bottom.

Tip: As you glue these flaps together be sure that the sides stay at right angles to each other or the box will be crooked.

6. Cut a 12" strip of designer paper about 1.5 inches thick. Wrap it arounnd the box

Tip: The ends of the paper will not meet each other. If you want, either cut 4 pieces, one for each side, just cover 3 sides, or create a decoration to cover where the paper doesn't meet.

Tip 2: Wrap your strip carefully so that it doesn't wind up uneven as shown in this picture.

7. Fold the scallped flaps down and glue them to the box, be sure to do this after you put on the patterned paper if you are using it.

8. Either leave it as an open box or create a handle as shown on the spider box!

Talk to you soon,

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