October 17, 2008

Fall box in a Bag

I didn't have much fall paper when the hurricane was coming and so I bought a stack of fall paper by "Me and My Big Ideas". There are some beautiful papers in it. I do love the quality of my Stampin' Up paper, it is thicker and double sided, but I didn't have any when it was time to get started making things for the craft show. We made A LOT of bags like this. I feel like this one needs something cute on the outside but don't have it there yet.

If you'd like instructions for these easy bags, you can find them in THIS POST
Hope you've had a wonderful week!

Talk to you soon,


  1. There are those bags again!
    I love what you do with the bags.
    I'm sure whatever you put on the outside of this bag will be pretty!

    Have you done any craft shows yet?

  2. These are fabulous! Absolutely adorable! :) TFS!