October 27, 2008

Top of the Branch

Here is a card using the Sizzix Top Note die and the Eastern Elegance stamp set. the sentiment is from Inspired by Nature. (I need to pull that set out!) I also used the jumbo eyelets. That is a big deal because I usually hoarde those eyelets but I actually used one!

To color this stamp I used my Stampin' Write markers and colored directly on the rubber. I also sponged around the top note die for some dimension. This card was so simple and would be good for beginning stamps or it could be dressed up by someone with a little more need for background stamping!

Talk to you soon,

October 25, 2008

You ought to be in pictures...

..or pictures ought to be in these!

I have had some wooden frames I bought at Michael's for $1 for far too long ago. During our hurricane craft time I made a couple of frames for the craft fair. I covered them with patterned paper and added some paper embelishments. These frames don't come with glass os I am not sure if they will sell or not but I sure thought they were cute.

What do you think? Can you think of something for these frames?

Talk to you soon,

October 23, 2008

Scallop Box tutorial

Welcome to my second tutorial! I am so excited that I actually took pictures! I want to show you how I made the box that I posted yesterday. It was very easy.

1. Using the small envelope die from Stampin' Up, cut out 4 envelopes.

2. Next, glue the flaps together on each of the 4 envelopes.
3. Glue the fouth envolope's flap to the first to make the square.

Tip: I must say that I love the Scotch multi surface adhesive for this project! It is some powerful stuff!

4. Glue the flaps that are sticking out down flat to the inside of the box.

5. Glue the unscalloped flaps together to create the bottom of the box. There will be a teeny hole in the middle of the bottom.

Tip: As you glue these flaps together be sure that the sides stay at right angles to each other or the box will be crooked.

6. Cut a 12" strip of designer paper about 1.5 inches thick. Wrap it arounnd the box

Tip: The ends of the paper will not meet each other. If you want, either cut 4 pieces, one for each side, just cover 3 sides, or create a decoration to cover where the paper doesn't meet.

Tip 2: Wrap your strip carefully so that it doesn't wind up uneven as shown in this picture.

7. Fold the scallped flaps down and glue them to the box, be sure to do this after you put on the patterned paper if you are using it.

8. Either leave it as an open box or create a handle as shown on the spider box!

Talk to you soon,

October 22, 2008

Creepy Spider Box

Look at this adorable basket! No complicated patterns, I promise. I used my Big Shot again. (I really do like that little machine...any one wanna buy my cuttlebug?)
Jenn had this spider web paper from the target dollar spot last year. She graciously let me cut into it! I filled the basket with some of that spider web stuff we can buy this time of year. I also glued a spider ring on the front of the basket so someone could be living in that web paper.

I cut the handle and put more paper on it and attached it with two silver brads.

Oh, you want to know how to make the box? Okay, I'll post another tutorial to show you!

Talk to you soon,

October 20, 2008

Fun Treat Bag Kit

Using my Big Shot and the top note die I created this little baggie topper. I made a kit of 12 toppers and bags that are decorated for a birthday. If someone buys it at the craft fair they would have to fill the bag and staple it to the topper. I thought it would be a fun idea for a mom to use for class treats. They were super easy to make.

The paper is from Current and is very thick patterned paper. It worked well for the topper. The circular happy birthday stamp is from "Happy For you" and it coordinates with the Hot Spots stamps set and the Stampin' Up circle punches.

Thanks for stopping by!

Talk to you soon,

October 18, 2008

Candy Corn Pouch

I saw the cutest little pouch full of candy in the Paper Crafts Magazine and knew I had to make some. It was so easy!

I thought I would make my very first picture tutorial!!! 1. The base piece of paper needs to be 4.25" by 11.5" (or so).
2. Score at 4", 5" and 9". You can adjust these numbers if you want it to be taller or wider.
3. Cut a piece of patterned paper 4.25 x 4" and adhere it to the first 4" section of your base paper.

4. Next, I cut a circle in the front of the pouch using a round die from my Nestabilities set. (I used the 5th circle out from the center.) I bought my nesties from The Crop Stop at a great price.

I used my Big Shot with both tabs down on the spacer platform to cut the circles.

Tip: I should have put the hole closer to the other side of the square, towards what will be the bottom of the pouch, closer to the scored line.

5. In order to make the black scallop ring around the hole I used the same circle die and a scallop die that fit on the outise of it.

It creates this scalloped ring.

6. Glue the ring around the rosie, I mean circle. :)
7. fold on all the scored lines.
8. Tie a ribbon around the flap.
9. Fill a clear pouch with candy, fold over the top and staple it to the pouch, under the ribbon.
10. Give to someone that needs a treat, not a trick!

Talk to you soon,

October 17, 2008

Fall box in a Bag

I didn't have much fall paper when the hurricane was coming and so I bought a stack of fall paper by "Me and My Big Ideas". There are some beautiful papers in it. I do love the quality of my Stampin' Up paper, it is thicker and double sided, but I didn't have any when it was time to get started making things for the craft show. We made A LOT of bags like this. I feel like this one needs something cute on the outside but don't have it there yet.

If you'd like instructions for these easy bags, you can find them in THIS POST
Hope you've had a wonderful week!

Talk to you soon,

October 15, 2008

Gift Card Pulls

So, Jenn and I thought something fun to make for our upcoming craft fair would be gift card holders. These are fun to made and are similar to the Trick or Treat pulls in the previous post. These are easy to make but the hardest part for me is coming up with something different for the outsides! Geez! It really mankes my creative juices get worked up. When you pull on the ribbon the inner paper comes up. There are two half circle slits that will hold a gift card inside.
Aren't the holiday ones great? I love the pink snowman. :)
Thanks for stopping by to look!

Talk to you soon,

October 13, 2008

Trick or Treat Pulls

These are candybar holders for Halloween. Jenn actually made these when she was here for the "hurrication". The black paper is a pocket for the candy bar. She used stamps from Michael's for the images. Aren't those witch shoes the cutest? She emobossed the buckles with gold using the versamarker and gold embossing powder. The ribbon goes lengthwise around the candybar and they comes out through the slot punch at the top and finally is tied. So, if you pull the ribbon know, the candy bar slides up.

They are super cute and easy to make. Decorating the outside is the hardest part! We also made these types of pulls as gift card holders. I'll show you those later!

Talk to you soon,

October 11, 2008

Cling Vinyl and a Cricut

Hello! Have you missed me? Sometimes my computer time is interrupted by real life! Ha, ha! But, I will try to post a few things! Stampin' Up now sells vinyl that can be used on walls, mirrors, cars, or anything really. It is called Decor Elements. To view the online catalog CLICK HERE. It is such a great product line. They have some of the cutest new holiday images and some great baby things that would be perfect for a baby room!

Sometimes though you want to use a phrase that you can't buy. In that case, you can buy the vinyl uncut. This vinvyl will go through the bigshot machine or you can use it in the cricut too. That is great so you can put up words that you want to.
The wall in the picuteres is our "cross wall". On our honeymoon Brett and I bought a cross in Santa Fe, NM (it is the large blue and white one on the bottom). We had also gotten two as wedding gifts. Since then, when we travel we like to buy a cross to add to our collection. This is a fun way to remember where we've gone. These crosses are from Costa Rica, Barcelona, San Antonio, Amarillo, and Illinois. We have also had friends give us crosses for different occasions. They all have a story. At one point I was thinking about them and just thinking that the cross completely represents the love of Christ. It reminds me that of Faith, Hope and Love, nothing is greater than Love (I Corinthians 13) and there is not greater love that that of Christ and that he gave up his life for me. So, I wanted to put the words Faith, Hope and Love on my cross wall.
My mom actually found these vinyl words on ebay. They go on so easily; they just rub on.

I will show you another picutre later of Brett and I applying phrase that I made in our bedroom. It is such and easy process.

Talk to you soon,