September 3, 2008

I think you're Tops!

Hello ladies and gents,
How did everyone's Labor Day weekend go? We had a great weekend. Sorry I didn't post the last couple days. I warned ya! I learned the history of Labor Day at church on Sunday and didn't know it before. We sure take for granted our privilege to work an 8 hour work day. I often whine about my situation but jeez, I've read The Jungle by Upton Sinclair and we don't have to endure anything like that. Can you imagine what Americans 150 years ago would think of our lives today?

Anyway, before I get all caught up in that, I wanted to share the cutest little notes I made Sunday. I actually stamped! It was glorious. I used my Big shot to punch out several of these Top Note dies (the white piece you see on these cards). At work we have a cool bulletin board to post notes to thank or acknowledge co-workers. I thought that I would make mine cute, you know, beyond the normal sticky note. So, I made up some of these bad boys, or good girls, depending if you check out the pink or the blue ones. They were soooo easy and if I do say so, so stinkin' cute! I used upsy daisy on the 3 that look the same. I stamped in one color and took a little dauber with a darker color and highlighted parts of the flowers on the rubber before I stamped the image. Very easy and I like the effect. I used the Eastern Elegance stamps for the blue on on the right. That pacific point is a really nice color I think.

Anyway, hope you enjoyed there. (really, because you are going to see several like it over the next few days as I show off what I made Sunday!)

Talk to you soon!

On a Personal Note: Saturday I took Zoe to the swimming pool. She and I were the only ones there and the two lifeguards on duty were sleeping in lounge chairs in different corners of the patio (not kidding). Anyway, we are floating in the baby pool and she comes up and flings her floatie clad arms around me and gives me a great hug. I said, "Thank you for the hug!" she said, "I love you (I wuv ooo)". I said (trying not to tear up), "I love you too." She said, "I wuv ooo, too".
It was great. Her first unprompted I loved you and it couldn't have been more perfect.

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  1. I love the note cards.

    I miss getting unsolicited "I wuv you's" I have to beg for them now. Boy's are not as fun as girls!