September 16, 2008

Hurricane Ike Update

Hello! I just wanted to send a post hurricane update from Houston. Things are really crazy here but Brett, Zoe and I are very blessed. We had minimal damage to the house. We lost some shingles, have some fence damage and our front 3 year old tree is leaning in a major way. We lost power at 8pm Friday night and we were surprised that we lost it so early. We had some pretty gusty winds early in the evening but we woke up at about 2:30 to crazy wind gusts and it was scary. It was raining but the rain wasn't as crazy as the wind. Zoe woke up at 4pm and she was scared. It was REALLY noisy.

So, the three of us slept in the guest bed (kind of slept). At 7am Zoe was hungry. We woke up to a cloudy, humid day but the day was calm. We were not sure what to do with ourselves. We thought about evacuating because we heard that we might not get power for 2 weeks. That was a scary thought. We took a drive to my school to check on my classroom. It is an outside room in a trailer and I was worried but it was fine. I don't even think it lost power! Geez. Our trip to the school was a little crazy. Since our neighborhood is new it was clean and there was some roof damage and a lot of fence damage but in areas with trees it was a different story. People lost trees, everything was a mess. We felt VERY lucky.

Miraculously our power came on Saturday night at 5pm. We immediately called some friends and invited them to come over. Bill and Jennifer headed right over with their two sons. They have been here since Saturday. It is nice to have them. We all get along really well and so we aren't having trouble. Jenn and I have been crafting and the guys have been skating and the kids are doing just great. We went yesterday to clean out her fridge. Her neighbor had a tree through his roof but they didn't have damage like that. Just a downed fence and they lost part of their tree.

Sunday, we had a little church service at home. We sang songs and read scripture and prayed. It was really great. When it was time to sing songs, Zoe chose the ABC song. Funny. We had lost power again Sunday morning but had it back again by 2 pm. *phew* Sunday night my friend Laurie came with her kids to sleep over. It was just so hot and it was hard to sleep in areas without power. Her husband stayed home though because people are worried about looters. It was great to have a housefull of people.

Friends around us have slowly been getting power back. Each neighborhood is a victory for us. There are still 1.5 million customers without power out of the 2.1 million. FEMA has set up 17 places people can pick up ice, water and military MRE's. Crazy. A "cold" front has moved in and it has made all the difference. It has been cool and breezy at night. In the daytime only in the mid 80's and this is so much better than what it has been and what is was Saturday and Sunday.

Today I saw a comment online to a news article and it made me mad. Someone said, "It is hard to have sympathy for people that were told to evacuate and didn't." Well, I just want to make it clear that in Houston, we were not told to evacuate. Only a few zip codes were to told evacuate. Most people did. I agree with the commentor that it is hard to feel sorry for those that didn't and were supposed to but keep in mind, the 4 million residents of the Houston area were told to stay. Most did. We are helping each other. Neighbors are meeting in the street and cooking breakfast, lunch and dinner for each other as their food threatens to spoil. Neighbors are helping each other cut down tree limbs, clear yards, and clear trees that are blocking streets. People are opening their homes to strangers so that people can have relief from the heat of Houston. Neighbors are powering their neighbor's refrigerators with their own generators. These aren't just stories on the news. This is what my friends are doing. So, that is my little rant. We didn't stay because we were stubborn. Geez.

But, I wanted to send this to everyone to let them know we are fine. So far I don't have school until Thursday but other districts are closed until Monday so we'll see. Lots of schools still don't have power and they are having trouble getting food for the cafeterias and gas for the busses. (The regular gas stations that are open have lines about 15 cars deep). So, I'm home. Feel free to email or comment to say "hi"! I'll post pictures of my creations when I get some photos taken and get them done.


  1. Glad to hear you are safe and didnt have much damage. We got some of the Ike all the way up here in Indiana. We got some wicked winds to, nothing like you did but it was enough to knock out power and take trees down. Just like you in Texas we in Indy know how to help each other to and its always sad when people say silly remarks when they really dont know what is happening in the area or state that the news is talking about. Keeping you all in Texas in my thoughts and prayers.

  2. I have been wondering how you all were doing...Thanks for the update!

    I am in San Antonio so if you all need any help with clean up or need a delivery of goods let me know...I have a great church that would join me in any efforts.
    It will be a long road for so many...our prayers will continue!

    Hugs to you all!

  3. Yay, I'm glad you made it through. I know it was scary but it sounds like you made the best of it. Like an unexpected sleep over.