September 12, 2008

Hunkerin' Down and My Husband Rocks

Hey ya'll! I know you didn't hear from me this week. Geez, I just dindn't make time to blog!

Well, I'm home today, school was called off because of hurricane Ike. It hasn't started yet. In Galveston the water has already come up over the sea wall and the end of the island that doesn't have a sea wall is flooding already. Crazy and the outer bands of the storm haven't even arrived!

We are at home. Brett (it is Friday and he does rock!) went to help our older neighbor with some plywood cutting. (They asked him to make "a" cut). Hey was there for over 2 hours and they got all of their windows coverd with plywood. No complaining from my man. That's why he's awesome.

We took everthing out of our backyard and put it in the garage and we are taking the screens off the windows so we don't have to replace them. We are expecting winds between 60-70 mph for 12 hours straight with gusts between 70-90 mph. I can't really imagine thatWe think the worst thing we'll experience will be losing power. Yuck. But, it is a lot better that what we are seeing on the news.

Okay so what did I do today? Well, I went out to get some hurricane supplies. At Michaels. Hee hee. I got some things to work on for the craft fairs coming up and I got Brett a model. He decided that he is going to start being crafty too. :) What a man.

So, maybe I'll made some wonderful things, until we lose electricity! So, this is us, home for the weekend.

Say a prayer for us in Texas! I'll keep you posed!


  1. Supplies from Micheals...we really are kindred spirits. What an awsome hubby you have! And he's crafty too?

    Please be safe and I will be looking for your next post...oh and could you send some more rain up to Colorado? Thanks your a doll.

  2. How are things there today?

    I have been praying for this Hurricane to simmer downa!

    I live in Texas too but we are not getting anything bad here in San Antonio.

    There are lots of evacuees here...the news just showed some families sleeping in their cars because they did not know where the shelters were and did not have money for hotels.

    This is all crazy and will need prayer and efforts for a long time as the clean up begins.

    Keep us posted on you and your area.

  3. OH, GIRL!! I've been praying for all you gals down in TX for these last few days especially. That's some pretty heavy flooding. Hope all is okay with you!! STAY SAFE. Your hubby DOES ROCK!! That's so sweet of him.

  4. he sounds wonderful, as usual! we'll be praying for you :)