October 11, 2008

Cling Vinyl and a Cricut

Hello! Have you missed me? Sometimes my computer time is interrupted by real life! Ha, ha! But, I will try to post a few things! Stampin' Up now sells vinyl that can be used on walls, mirrors, cars, or anything really. It is called Decor Elements. To view the online catalog CLICK HERE. It is such a great product line. They have some of the cutest new holiday images and some great baby things that would be perfect for a baby room!

Sometimes though you want to use a phrase that you can't buy. In that case, you can buy the vinyl uncut. This vinvyl will go through the bigshot machine or you can use it in the cricut too. That is great so you can put up words that you want to.
The wall in the picuteres is our "cross wall". On our honeymoon Brett and I bought a cross in Santa Fe, NM (it is the large blue and white one on the bottom). We had also gotten two as wedding gifts. Since then, when we travel we like to buy a cross to add to our collection. This is a fun way to remember where we've gone. These crosses are from Costa Rica, Barcelona, San Antonio, Amarillo, and Illinois. We have also had friends give us crosses for different occasions. They all have a story. At one point I was thinking about them and just thinking that the cross completely represents the love of Christ. It reminds me that of Faith, Hope and Love, nothing is greater than Love (I Corinthians 13) and there is not greater love that that of Christ and that he gave up his life for me. So, I wanted to put the words Faith, Hope and Love on my cross wall.
My mom actually found these vinyl words on ebay. They go on so easily; they just rub on.

I will show you another picutre later of Brett and I applying phrase that I made in our bedroom. It is such and easy process.

Talk to you soon,

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