August 27, 2008

You little Turkey

I saw this card on one of the demonstator support opperators at Stampin' Up when I was there earlier this month. I have been loving ideas for our punches and gathering ideas of my own. I want to start experimenting and making something cool to show you. But, in the meantime I wanted to show you this cute little guy. Maybe you'll want to send out Thanksgiving cards yourself! I wish I knew who the creator was but I don't. So, if it you, WOW, what a card! Let me know and full credit is yours. :)
Happy Wednesday Everyone! I hope to make it through the rest of this looooong first week. Geez! Thank goodness we have a 3 day weekend. God IS good!
Talk to you soon,

1 comment:

  1. I love the little turkey, he's so sweet! Are you still swamped at work? I can't seem to get into the swing of things this year. I have been late picking up my kids twice's the 2nd week of school for cryin out loud. Can you imagine me if I had a full time job. hehee
    Come see me I have something for you. I feel like this is a one sided freindship. You do all of the work...and I say I have something for you.

    Can I order a catalog from you? I want to make the Turkey cards or maybe a Halloween card ackkk, I need help.