August 25, 2008

Typical Sunday Morning

Sunday morning was a very hectic one. I seemed to get up with plenty of time but little by little the chaos set in. I remeber that my friend Dora was having a baby shower after church. Oh, I needed a card. First, Zoe wakes up, "Mommy, c'mere! Mommy, c'mere. Mommy, I need you. I awake." So, I got her up and Brett made her some juice and we sat for awhile (as is the custom) and watched a bit of TV. She wanted to see Dora. So, as we watched Dora we all tried to wake up a little bit. Next, Brett had to leave. He leaves earlier than we do because he is a part of the worship team and goes early for sound check. So, while Zoe watches a second Dora I head to take a shower. (I am so fast). So, I mostly got ready. Next I knew I needed to be quick and craft. I headed to the craft closet and was going to make a card but them decided to do a gift bag instead. Even though it was a baby bag I wanted to use the new Upsy Daisy set (it is on sale right now at 15% off).
I bought some white bags 2 for $1 at Dollar Tree. Then I cut some pink cardstock 8x10. I also trimmed some chocolate paper and some new Bella Rose.
On the stamp itself intead of pressing it into the stamp pad, I used a little ink applicator dauber and touched that to the ink pad and then applied it to the rubber. I applied pretty in pink ink first, then red riding hood red (could there be a longer ink name?), and finally kiwi kiss ink.
I added some new brown stiched ribbon with a faux bow and attached the whole front to the bag. I added the little card and a baby sentiment. Hopefully the new mama will reuse this gift bag for sure.
So then, it is time to get Zoe ready. She is pretty quick. She loves to get dressed ususally and wanted to wear her pink cowboy boots. She looked so adorable. It was really time to go. Her attitude quickly became not so adorable. She was mad about something. I don't remember. Juice, or wanting to eat veggie tale fruit snacks or wanting to go get "neenuts" (donuts for those of you than don't speak toddler). She starts to become impossible and nothing is going to make her happy (have you ever known a 2 year old?) Then we are finally are on the way out and she squats and her eyes get wide. Do you know what she was doing? Well, I had to wait for her to finish her business. Finally we get out of the house, on the way out she had a "Monk" moment and had to go back and staighten the magnets on the refridgerator. *sigh*

We were late for church.

Talk to you later,

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