August 21, 2008


I told you yesterday that the group recently I went to a meeting of stamping demonstrators. We had a meeting and talked about new things from Stampin' Up. A couple of the ladies demonstated cards to make and we had a swap. This is one of the cards we made. I really liked the technique. It is called spotlighting.

Here is what to do:

1. Emboss the flowers or other image on glossy cardstock with clear or white embossing powder.

2. Using a brayer, spread 1 coat of a lighter colored ink over the glossy card stock.

3. Cut or punch several sizes of circles from sticky note or other paper and place them over some of the embossed images.

4. Use the brayer again with a darker shade of ink.

5. Remove the circles and you will have a lighter area underneath.

6. Use a tissue to rub any excess ink off of the embossed areas.

7. Use the paper you made to create a beautiful card!

It was a fun technique. I had done steps 1 and 2 before but not 3,4,5 and so I definately learned something new.

I hope that group can get together soon for more sharing! I'll post some of the swap cards I got from that group later.

Talk to you soon,


On a Personal Note: I am too tired after going back to work to post much extra. I can barely keep up with a post a day. I am sure I will have to lessen it to like 3 per week or something. I just don't have enough time to stamp and show you creations! It is always hard getting on schedule. And, next week, when school really starts, I'll have to be there even earlier than I have been this week. I might die.

Anyway, life is adjusting around here. Zoe is enjoying school but comes home very tired and can be quite cranky. We try to give her a protein snack when she gets home (at the suggestion of my MIL) and that seems to help. Brett is loving his new job and that is such a blessing. I am so thrilled for him. This year I feel really cranky being back at work. There are a lot of changes and that is always hard to deal with but I'm not sure if that is where the crankiness comes from or not. I have so much to do to get ready yet we have had ZERO time to work in our rooms. We get a 1/2 day Friday. That is not enough! I hope these snarky thoughts go away. It is not possible to be a good teacher and incredibly grumpy at the same time.

Anyway, I am too tired to think of much more for this post. I'll be around. I promise!


  1. I am so feeling the pain of school starting...and I don't have a real job! I have been trying to get the spot ready for our barn and I haven't had time to post either. Sigh. Hope you have a fabulous weekend.

    Your lost me...I need classes : )

  2. Yes old olive craft ink and the swirl is from Stitched exotics. The ribon and the flowers are attached with Sticky strip and pressed hard to stay put. You can also use fabric glue available at any sewing or crafting area in the sewing department. I think that was all of them. I like the spotlight, once my christmas sets come in I plan to make a snowflake card using this technique and the emerging color one as well.
    Chat more later

  3. I have to start school tomorrow! I only have 11 kids this year but I have heard that they are a challenging group and it is a blessing that they are such a small class. I am a little nervous about starting just because of some of the things I've heard. I am trying to put those thoughts out of my head but it can be difficult! Anyway, this card is fabulous! I have never tried spotlighting! I should! Hang in there though! Hopefully your body (along with Zoe's) will start to adjust to the change.

    ((big hugs))