August 9, 2008

So happy it made it!

You may remember the stationary box full of cards I made for my gramma. Well, I am sending it home this weekend with my mom. I didn't want my mom to go home empty handed so I made her a little card set too.

I have to tell you that while we stood in line for the Memento Mall at convention last week we browsed through the new catalog of course (which I received boxes of today!!!). When I saw that Tart and Tangy had made the catalog I was thrilled and let out a shriek of joy in the line. I felt a bit silly later but I was so excited. This simple little set is truly one of my favorites.

Some of the cards I made were very simple and weren't really cards at all. They were more like a postcard but I intend for them to go into an envelope. My mom is great about sending notes to people and so I figured that this type of note would be perfect for her. Most of them used rub-ons and that was fun. This summer picnic paper I used is also a great paper and it is in the new catalog as well. I was thrilled about that! I let out a second shriek but it wasn't so loud. :) When I finished the cards I wanted to put them in a cute box and so I made one. That is the picture at the top of the post. I used wild wasabi for the bottom of the box and a transparency sheet for the top. They fit the cards perfectly but oops, the envelopes were too big. I'll know better next time.
These cards were truly very easy. I used scrap paper and had a lot of fun with them.

Talk to you soon,


  1. CUTE! I love that cherry paper too. I see you used the rub-ons--I likey!! I have some too but haven't used them yet. i think I'm scared to? Anyway, great job with these cute notecards.

  2. These are so cute! Any suggestions for someone thinking about getting into card making (yeah... 'cause need another craft like I need a whole in the head)?

  3. Are the catalogs for retail or wholesalers? I would probably hurt myself. So you make these from scratch? Or were they a kit kinda thing? They are adorable!!!

  4. I love it. What a great gift for them.