August 11, 2008

Sad to See Her Go

Well, mom has to leave tonight. It just went too fast and I'm not ready. I always hate it when she leaves. No matter what I cry and cry as I drive away from the airport. It is awful and I'm not looking forward to it. We had a great time together. It isn't always something fancy that we do but it is time together. I was right, she made Zoe laugh and laugh. She bought her a little cassette tape player that has 2 microphones. Zoe loved it and sang and sang into it. She loves the movie Hairspray and we got the cutest videos of her singing along with the movie. Such fun. Here is a picture but please ignore the boxes in the background. :(
Well, I know I just showed you some luggage tags but here is one I made for my mom and gave to her for her trip home.
I used the Bella Rose paper because I love it and knew she would too. Her name was too big for the alphabet I wanted to use so I just punched out a K for Karen and used some cell phone bling to put a butterfly on this side. I didn't want the back to be just paper so I used the new scallop edge punch and added some more sticky rhinestones. I'd like to see Stampin' Up carry these little things. But, these I got for a dollar from Michaels and they are intended for cell phones. Then I used the word window punch to make two tags that said "Gramma's Things". I really loved the way it turned out. I had to teach myself how to use the word window punch when the phrase is longer than the window. It wasn't hard - simply trim the paper thing enough to thread through the punch with half under the blade and the other half sticking up through the punch hole. Punch one end and then the other. Maybe I need to take pictures of this if you don't get it. I realize it isn't the easiest thing to describe.
Well, I want to hang out with mom so I'll let you go. Talk to you soon,


  1. Is that your mom in the picture with Zoe? If it is, she does not look old enough to be a grandma!! And she looks like a very sweet lady. I am that way about my stepmom. I just love hanging out with her and we both cry when it's time to go home.

  2. She cannot be 51! Wow how lucky are you to come from that gene pool!

  3. Love the tag.
    I cry and cry when my mom leaves too. We are always so strong but as soon as it is time to go the tears just won't stop falling. LOL

  4. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I love that we both have Zoe Bugs.

    Hey, I LOVE the luggage tags and I want to do some for my girls' backpacks. Where oh where did you find the clear tags like that? All I can find are the leather encases tags.