August 8, 2008

A Practical Gift

These are 2 of the gifts I made for Angie, my upline and roommate, for Convention. I also made her the planner I showed the other day. I had fun making these composition notebooks. This one I coved with the Bella Rose paper, used the new scallop punch and used the Seriph Alphabet to spell "create". I also made a pencil box for both of us. The color is ver similar to pacific point (which I love, well at least I love the new ribbon). I used more Bella Rose paper on it and some chipboard. It was to hold highliters with little page tab stickies, scissors, a pen and whatever else we needed. Lighting wasn't the best in the hotel room so that is why it is like this. The best part is (don't be offended Angie) the notebook was 50 cents and so was the pencil holder. Got to love back to school stuff! What gift for a dollar!
If you want to make one it is sooooo easy. Pick some paper and measure the front of the notebook. You could cover the black edge if you wanted or I have seen some people paint the black edge white. I used solid cardstock on the back of Angie's notebook but I used patterened paper on mine. I also put some cardstock on the inside cover to cover up the information printed there about class schedules. Finally, I made some little divider tabs with the round tab punch to divide the notebook into sections. I used the scotch glue that is liquid. It is really strong stuff but I think it stinks.
Hope you liked the idea. Angie seemed to. I definately liked mine and filled it with great ideas.
Talk to you soon,


  1. Did you ask me if I was trying to make you laugh? I think it was you...and yes I try to be funny, even though somedays it comes out all wrong!

    Anyway the book is wonderful. You need to make one full of your wonderful ideas. One idea for a week. You could sell them to us craft impaired people. I am getting behind already :( I will be searching through your blog come winter time when I get in the crafty mood. And I have stocked up on paper goods:D

    Have a great Friday!

  2. This is beautiful. Man, I haven't been here in a long time. I have missed so many cute things you made. It is like 1:15am right now so I am going to go to bed but I will be back later.