August 15, 2008

My Husband Rocks! (He eats stale Cheerios)

You may be thinking, "What?" But here is the deal...

When my mom came to visit she brought a new game for Zoe named "Don't Eat Pete" by Klutz. I'd link the game but can't find it for sale anymore. It is a cute game. There is a book with 9 pages and each page has several faces in a grid on the page. All the players (except one) choose which face is Pete and then cover all the faces with Cheerios (or goldfish or M&M's).

So last Saturday, we explained the game to Zoe and Brett, Mom and I chose Pete. Zoe starts eating the Cheerios. Brett asks my mom (who is famous for buying things on Ebay, at garage sales and GoodWill), "Is this a new game?" We weren't sure why he asked, mom said yes, and Zoe kept eating the Cheerios. Finally, she finds Pete and we say, "Don't Eat Pete!". Zoe smiles and laughs a little and then bursts into tears. It really was funny and I wasn't sure whether I should laugh or feel bad as she was clinging to gramma.

So, we tell Zoe that it is going to be okay and daddy is going to try it too. He seems hesitant and we aren't sure why. I am giving him looks trying to tell him to just do it, my mom was excited to try this game with Zoe. He asks my mom, "Where did you get this game?" I am trying to see if my mom is offended and not sure how to intercede. Then Brett points to the box that the cheerios are in (they are attached to the game book) and there is a sticker that says, "January 2001". I giggle and show it to mom, hoping she isn't going to be offended, and she giggles too. She says, well, I got it on Ebay. It was pretty funny. So what does Brett do? He goes on to try not to eat Pete of course. He did very well and when we shouted "Don't Eat Pete" Zoe cried anyway because we were yelling at Daddy.

That was the end of our Pete Eating that day but we did try again Sunday and Zoe liked it better, kind of, she still got pouty and I thought she was going to burst into tears but she held off for a couple of rounds before she finally lost it again.

But, what a dad to eat stale cheerios anyway just to soothe his daughter and show appreciation to his Mother in Law for a gift she brought. :)

Gotta love that guy!


  1. As someone who eats the stale cheerios as well I can say your husband does rock!
    Don't give up on Pete. It is hands down the favorite game in our house with my 5 and 4 year old.
    But, you may want to 86 the 2001 cheerios :-)

  2. how cute! that is hilarious, and the game sounds like fun! (unless it makes zoe cry every time, lol!)

  3. How funny! That looks like a really neat game.

  4. Oh that's cute - what a trooper to eat those old cheerios, LOL. Hey, those expiration dates don't really mean anything do they? :)

  5. This is just the cutest thing. How sweet of your husband to eat the cheerio's even being so unsure about them and the book. I hope Zoey get's over her fear of eating Pete.

  6. What a guy! He's definitely a brave man!

  7. That was cute and funny!

    What a guy!

    The picture of Zoe crying...priceless!

    Have a great weekend!

  8. that is sooo cute!!! i am soo confused at the game though...i would prob cry too because i wouldnt be able to understand a game that is made for what a guy for takin one for the team!!!