August 7, 2008

How we get our Stuff!

The Stampin' Up Campus in Riverton, UT is really amazing. First of all it is absolutely beautiful. The pictures above are the entryway. It is a round entrance and if you look down you see a beautiful nature scene. I kept thinking that it is no wonder we have such great stamps to choose from. It seems that the artists have a great environment to create in.

I was amazed at the distribution center. I think I always love to see how the details work. I think that is why I like that show, "How It's Made". Anyway, let me tell you about the shots below.

First there are people that put the boxes together and put a bar code on them that links them to the order.Next, the boxes go along a conveyor belt. There are many zones that the boxes go through and someone works in each zone. As the box goes by a zone it is automatically scanned and if it needs something from that zone if drops onto a different belt. Next, the worker scans the box and then lights start blinking on the bins if that product should be in the box. The light button also tells how many the box needs. Once the worker puts the item in the box he or she presses the button to shut the light off. Then the box goes back up onto the main conveyor belt. Finally the box heads up the conveyor that leads to the second floor. At this point they didn't show what happened but I am assuming the printout of the order needs to go in it and the delivery bags and such. Is this your order below? You should already have it!
I was really amazed how it all works. It was probably my favorite part of the tour. We also got to go through the area were the call center is. One of the neastest things is the demonstrator support staff has lots of little cards on their desks that demos have sent them. They keep them out. Isn't that the coolest? They were very nice people. Here is an example of a desktop card I saw. I figured I should put in something crafty so here is something from one of their desks.

Let's get together and make them! Check out that turkey made from punches! I love it! I have been saving ideas to show what we can do with our cool punches! I can not wait to buy the new punches! There are 4 of them and 3 of them have coordinating stamp sets! I am going to offering specials on the punches and coordinating stamp sets! Just because I love them myself and want you to love them too!
Okay, better get going!
Talk to you soon,

On a Personal Note: I am so excited because I get to pick up my mom tonight at the airport! Yay! She will be here for 5 full days. I know she is so excited to see Zoe and we will have a great time. She and Zoe always just laugh and laugh. It is the best! It has been so hot here and she is from Colorado so I doubt we will be doing too many outdoor activities. I think we are going to do some work in Zoe's room. It might be time to go from the crib to the Big Girl Bed! Wow huh? Oh, and this is great, today Zoe told me she wanted to go to school. That is great because next week she is going to start going to the Montessori School. I am a little nervous about sending her off but I am sure she will really thrive there and love it. It is just hard to make such a big transition. I'm sure I'll be fine, I mean, I'm sure SHE'LL be fine!


  1. That was really interesting, I had no idea how much work went into getting an order ready.

    Going to school, I cried more than my boys did! Now I cry if they don't go...just kidding.

  2. The first day of "school" is always hardest on the parents. But just wait until you see her first school picture, I bawled.

    Sorry I havn't been commenting or talking much. Just going through stuff and the craziness of my life right now. When it rains it really does pour around here, if only it would rain literally. lol

    Well gotta get, we're off for our annual family campout of sorts. I'm still talking with David about regionals. I really want to go, but not sure how it's all going to work out. Chat more later,
    Enjoy your time with MOM! Tell her I say howdy and give her a squeeze from us!

  3. You AND she will be fine!! =) That's so hard to send them off though--I still remember my oldest DD's first day of kindergarten.

    Those pics of how SU works is sooo cool. Looks so beautiful in there. What a great opportunity to see it all.