August 2, 2008

Final Day of Convention

Well, it's over. What a fun few days. Today I had a class 2 make cards and then 2 classes. The classes were excellent. They were focused on building my business. I really enjoyed the classes and I need to decide at this point whether I want to remain a "hobby" demo or if I want to really try to increase my business to a viable business. Of course I am inspired right now and want to go for it but when school starts in a couple weeks who knows what I'll be thinking!!

At the Closing Session there was a fun gameshow but I still didn't win any of the give aways. I was a little sad. They didn't give away any of the trips to Hawaii so that was sad too. Oh well. I guess I'll have to earn one if I want it! At the very end a UPS man came out on stage with a box. He told Shelli he was trying to deliver a box and was confused. Shelli said she could help because she knew several people. He said, "Well, this package says it should be delivered to, *pause* EVERYONE!" Then the confetti canons went off and everyone was screaming. It was just so crazy. UPS has bought the set that benefits the Ronald McDonald House. Isn't that so cool? So, next time you see your UPS guy, if you are a demo, tell him thank you.

This is a picture of Angie and I during the hoopla!After it was over Angie and I went to the Blue Plate Diner. This place is owned by Jenn's cousin and was on Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives on the Food Network. So, it was a fun place to check out. While we were there we met a couple of other demos that had seen it on the Food Network and we ate with them. That was a lot of fun. The food was great. I had a green chile burrito - yum, yum!

Well, now we are in the room just chillin'. I fly out in the morning and I am definately ready to get home. I have missed Zoe so much. She and Brett have been having a great time though. Today he took her to dance class and McDonalds and then after her nap they saw Space Chimps. Isn't that fun? When I talked to her about it she was so excited and loved telling me about it.

Well, I better get busy getting my blog posts in order. I won't have anything tomorrow, Sunday, but hopefully I'll get some great things up soon!

Talk to you soon,


  1. The pictures were great...I love confetti!
    I am glad you had a wonderful time with your old and new friends and sounds like you learned a lot of new things that you will be sharing with us soon...I hope!

    I will pray for you about knowing whether or not you should keep doing this as a hobby or go forward with it as a business.
    What is stopping you?
    Sounds like you would be great!

    Think about what you are passionate about...what is it that enjoy doing...If you enjoy it enough to do it as a hobby...why not make it a business?!

    Taking Risks are scary...Pray about it and the may the Lord's peace guide you!
    I will be cheering and praying for you!

    Be Inspired,

  2. Still Jealous! Doesn't being gone from home put it all back into perspective. I love home.

    I am excited to hear what you learned so I can steal your idea's. Just kidding.