August 28, 2008

A blog award!

I am honored. I don't have a huge following, only between 200-500 visitors per week (except when I posted about SU's convention, then I was at about 3000 that week!). So, there is another blogger out there that thinks I am so talented and I just love her for it! It is funny because there is so much other talent out there too but she chose me! She is so faithful about leaving comments and that is so great. Comments make blogging worth it!

She lives in Colorado and has 2 boys and lots of animals. She has overcome a lot in her life and is trying to live her best to raise great kids and love her husband. She even makes homemade food for her fish (I assume a pirahna).

Her blog is MamaHut's House (not sure why) and you should check her out.

So, I am supposed to choose 7 blogs that I love and give them this award. I follow about 100 blogs (in my spare time) and so it is hard to choose. Many of the blogs I read have already gotten this award so if it is a duplicate for them, that's okay, they will know they are really loved.

1. Patty Bennett - Patty's Stampin' Spot

2. Lori - My wooden Spoon (even though I NEVER win her giveaways)

3. Wanda - My Creative Corner

4. Laurie - Tip Junkie

5. Vera - Vera Stamps

6. Yvonne - Yvonne's Stampin' Place

7. Kimberly - Stampin' By the Sea

Have a great one folks!


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