August 29, 2008

My Husband Rocks! (He made chicken)

I know you have heard me complaining, I mean telling you, that school was back in session. Well, Brett has been great about helping out in the evenings as I get adjusted. Right now I am thanking the good Lord that it is Friday because this week felt like it would never end. Monday seems like eons ago!
Monday night I was very tired. The first day always goes well because the adrenaline is pumping but come the evening and my feet are screaming and my body is tired. I had thawed some chicken that I was going to cook and Brett says, "oh, let me just grill it on the george forman grill." And he did. He usually loves to use seasoning but he called this the "Plain Jane, season it yourself, Chicken". He made mac and cheese too and green beans. He really is a stud.
Then, Tuesday was worse. The adrenaline was gone and reality was setting in that I have to do this for 9 more months. I could barely think when I came home. He really wanted to go skating and I told him that was fine but that I'd need to go to bed early. He realized I was very tired, came right home and took care of Zoe so I could nap while our pizza was cooking in the oven (I did not make chicken, I heated the oven). I didn't even here the buzzer go off and he got the pizza out and cut it. He later bathed Zoe and got her to bed and I was in bed by 9.
I love this man. He serves me.
Hope your man is as good to you.
Talk to you soon,

August 28, 2008

A blog award!

I am honored. I don't have a huge following, only between 200-500 visitors per week (except when I posted about SU's convention, then I was at about 3000 that week!). So, there is another blogger out there that thinks I am so talented and I just love her for it! It is funny because there is so much other talent out there too but she chose me! She is so faithful about leaving comments and that is so great. Comments make blogging worth it!

She lives in Colorado and has 2 boys and lots of animals. She has overcome a lot in her life and is trying to live her best to raise great kids and love her husband. She even makes homemade food for her fish (I assume a pirahna).

Her blog is MamaHut's House (not sure why) and you should check her out.

So, I am supposed to choose 7 blogs that I love and give them this award. I follow about 100 blogs (in my spare time) and so it is hard to choose. Many of the blogs I read have already gotten this award so if it is a duplicate for them, that's okay, they will know they are really loved.

1. Patty Bennett - Patty's Stampin' Spot

2. Lori - My wooden Spoon (even though I NEVER win her giveaways)

3. Wanda - My Creative Corner

4. Laurie - Tip Junkie

5. Vera - Vera Stamps

6. Yvonne - Yvonne's Stampin' Place

7. Kimberly - Stampin' By the Sea

Have a great one folks!


August 27, 2008

You little Turkey

I saw this card on one of the demonstator support opperators at Stampin' Up when I was there earlier this month. I have been loving ideas for our punches and gathering ideas of my own. I want to start experimenting and making something cool to show you. But, in the meantime I wanted to show you this cute little guy. Maybe you'll want to send out Thanksgiving cards yourself! I wish I knew who the creator was but I don't. So, if it you, WOW, what a card! Let me know and full credit is yours. :)
Happy Wednesday Everyone! I hope to make it through the rest of this looooong first week. Geez! Thank goodness we have a 3 day weekend. God IS good!
Talk to you soon,

August 26, 2008

Clearly Lovely

Look at these cutest little boxes!!! I saw one on Lori's blog, Inking Aloud and just loved it and so I had to try it for myself. It really was pretty easy. Next time I might make it a little taller and make the pieces made out of patterened paper longer. I used the new Hawaiian Papaya patterned paper and I LOVE it!! The ribbon is the chocolate chip satin. The little lid is attached to the ribbon. So cute!

Now, Go Make Something!!

Talk to you soon,


On a Personal Note: Well, school started Monday. Wow! I can hardly believe it. I seem to have a nice bunch of kids. They are always pretty good the first couple weeks. :) I am looking forward to the school year. Zoe is adjusting well to Montessori. Thank goodness. Her tears in the morning are hard to deal with. This year first period is my conference period so it makes the rest of the day really long. Last year 7th was my off time and so it is a huge switch. I will get used to it. We have a new baby in the family. That is exciting. Bailee was born last week to my cousin Kristopher and his wife Kaisha. Can't wait to meet her. Well, I'm spent and it is bedtime. Until later....

August 25, 2008

Typical Sunday Morning

Sunday morning was a very hectic one. I seemed to get up with plenty of time but little by little the chaos set in. I remeber that my friend Dora was having a baby shower after church. Oh, I needed a card. First, Zoe wakes up, "Mommy, c'mere! Mommy, c'mere. Mommy, I need you. I awake." So, I got her up and Brett made her some juice and we sat for awhile (as is the custom) and watched a bit of TV. She wanted to see Dora. So, as we watched Dora we all tried to wake up a little bit. Next, Brett had to leave. He leaves earlier than we do because he is a part of the worship team and goes early for sound check. So, while Zoe watches a second Dora I head to take a shower. (I am so fast). So, I mostly got ready. Next I knew I needed to be quick and craft. I headed to the craft closet and was going to make a card but them decided to do a gift bag instead. Even though it was a baby bag I wanted to use the new Upsy Daisy set (it is on sale right now at 15% off).
I bought some white bags 2 for $1 at Dollar Tree. Then I cut some pink cardstock 8x10. I also trimmed some chocolate paper and some new Bella Rose.
On the stamp itself intead of pressing it into the stamp pad, I used a little ink applicator dauber and touched that to the ink pad and then applied it to the rubber. I applied pretty in pink ink first, then red riding hood red (could there be a longer ink name?), and finally kiwi kiss ink.
I added some new brown stiched ribbon with a faux bow and attached the whole front to the bag. I added the little card and a baby sentiment. Hopefully the new mama will reuse this gift bag for sure.
So then, it is time to get Zoe ready. She is pretty quick. She loves to get dressed ususally and wanted to wear her pink cowboy boots. She looked so adorable. It was really time to go. Her attitude quickly became not so adorable. She was mad about something. I don't remember. Juice, or wanting to eat veggie tale fruit snacks or wanting to go get "neenuts" (donuts for those of you than don't speak toddler). She starts to become impossible and nothing is going to make her happy (have you ever known a 2 year old?) Then we are finally are on the way out and she squats and her eyes get wide. Do you know what she was doing? Well, I had to wait for her to finish her business. Finally we get out of the house, on the way out she had a "Monk" moment and had to go back and staighten the magnets on the refridgerator. *sigh*

We were late for church.

Talk to you later,

August 21, 2008


I told you yesterday that the group recently I went to a meeting of stamping demonstrators. We had a meeting and talked about new things from Stampin' Up. A couple of the ladies demonstated cards to make and we had a swap. This is one of the cards we made. I really liked the technique. It is called spotlighting.

Here is what to do:

1. Emboss the flowers or other image on glossy cardstock with clear or white embossing powder.

2. Using a brayer, spread 1 coat of a lighter colored ink over the glossy card stock.

3. Cut or punch several sizes of circles from sticky note or other paper and place them over some of the embossed images.

4. Use the brayer again with a darker shade of ink.

5. Remove the circles and you will have a lighter area underneath.

6. Use a tissue to rub any excess ink off of the embossed areas.

7. Use the paper you made to create a beautiful card!

It was a fun technique. I had done steps 1 and 2 before but not 3,4,5 and so I definately learned something new.

I hope that group can get together soon for more sharing! I'll post some of the swap cards I got from that group later.

Talk to you soon,


On a Personal Note: I am too tired after going back to work to post much extra. I can barely keep up with a post a day. I am sure I will have to lessen it to like 3 per week or something. I just don't have enough time to stamp and show you creations! It is always hard getting on schedule. And, next week, when school really starts, I'll have to be there even earlier than I have been this week. I might die.

Anyway, life is adjusting around here. Zoe is enjoying school but comes home very tired and can be quite cranky. We try to give her a protein snack when she gets home (at the suggestion of my MIL) and that seems to help. Brett is loving his new job and that is such a blessing. I am so thrilled for him. This year I feel really cranky being back at work. There are a lot of changes and that is always hard to deal with but I'm not sure if that is where the crankiness comes from or not. I have so much to do to get ready yet we have had ZERO time to work in our rooms. We get a 1/2 day Friday. That is not enough! I hope these snarky thoughts go away. It is not possible to be a good teacher and incredibly grumpy at the same time.

Anyway, I am too tired to think of much more for this post. I'll be around. I promise!

August 20, 2008

My Big Shot is Coming!

Stampin' Up is now selling the Sizzix Big Shot! I am excited. Mine shipped out today and so I should have it this week. It seemed like it took forever for it to ship and I can't wait to get it in my hands! It will be delivered Thursday. (Can you come over Friday Jenn?) We had a card swap at a recent Stampin' Up meeting and my upline Angie made this cool card with her Big Shot. She used the "top note" die. She folded a piece of paper in half first and made sure that the blade didn't cut some of the fold so that this die can be used as a little card. Isn't it so cute? She also used the new Bella Blooms that she won at convention for the flower and the paper is the Haiku designer paper she won.
This was a great card Angie! I can't wait to make some!

August 18, 2008

Problems with Blogger

Hey pals,

Sorry you didn't have a post today. I have been at the computer for an hour but I can't upload any pictures to blogger. So, it isn't much fun to post when I don't have pictures to show you. I will try again tomorrow. Inservice is kind of kicking my butt anyway and I am tired. I should have gone to bed an hour ago. Tomorrow is another day of lively inservice...I will survive this. I won't be able to try and post again until tomorrow evening.

In the meantime have a wonderful week and think stampy thoughts!

Talk to you soon,

Spring Branch Stampers!

This is the post I wrote yesterday that I couldn't get the pictures to upload. worked tonight. I had inservice again today and we went to see Brandon Heath, a Christian music artist, in a free concert at a near by Chic-fil-A. It was fun and Zoe really enjoyed it. Then I made Brett go with me to arrange my classroom a little bit. Every year I just have a hard time deciding how to set up desks and my desk and stuff.
Anyway, this is what I said last night...

Sorry my post is so late today. I had to work and then my new stamp club met. It was so great! I have really been looking forward to the club. We made a gift bag, a card and started a technique book. We put two techniques in it tonight.
I gave the girls a book mark with the new in-colors on one side and a calendar on the other. I got that idea from Gail Beezley in San Antonio. The technique books were fun to make. They are photo albums and I replaced the front cardboard decoration with my own decoration. I liked the way they turned out.

If you are in the Houston area, the Spring Branch club has one spot and the Katy Club has 2. I'd love to have you join. Each month we make 2-3 projects, learn new techniques, and one lady is the hostess for the month. Each member commits to spending $25 on product. It really is a fun way to build your stampin' supplies!

Talk to you soon,


August 16, 2008

A new use for my SU! Ribbon

Well, I usually use my ribbon on cards but I had to show you the simple little hair ties I made for Zoe with the red striped grosgrain we have. I just tied red and the red striped to a white stretchy hair tie and it it was so cute. I actaully made 2 sets of these so her cousin would have matching ones for a picture we were having taken. Zoe didn't really likes to say "cheese" and pose right now when the cameral comes out so I couldn't get her to put her head down so I could take a shot of just the bows. Oh well. Since this picture we have trimmed her bangs! (I gave my baby her first hair cut!!!!) Yikes!
Hope you all have a great weekend. I am trying to be crafty so hopefully I will get some picutres taken and have some new things for you Monday! Today I need to buy some new "school clothes" for myself since it is Tax Free Weekend here in Texas. We'll see if I can find some pants to fit me. *sigh*
Talk to you soon,

August 15, 2008

My Husband Rocks! (He eats stale Cheerios)

You may be thinking, "What?" But here is the deal...

When my mom came to visit she brought a new game for Zoe named "Don't Eat Pete" by Klutz. I'd link the game but can't find it for sale anymore. It is a cute game. There is a book with 9 pages and each page has several faces in a grid on the page. All the players (except one) choose which face is Pete and then cover all the faces with Cheerios (or goldfish or M&M's).

So last Saturday, we explained the game to Zoe and Brett, Mom and I chose Pete. Zoe starts eating the Cheerios. Brett asks my mom (who is famous for buying things on Ebay, at garage sales and GoodWill), "Is this a new game?" We weren't sure why he asked, mom said yes, and Zoe kept eating the Cheerios. Finally, she finds Pete and we say, "Don't Eat Pete!". Zoe smiles and laughs a little and then bursts into tears. It really was funny and I wasn't sure whether I should laugh or feel bad as she was clinging to gramma.

So, we tell Zoe that it is going to be okay and daddy is going to try it too. He seems hesitant and we aren't sure why. I am giving him looks trying to tell him to just do it, my mom was excited to try this game with Zoe. He asks my mom, "Where did you get this game?" I am trying to see if my mom is offended and not sure how to intercede. Then Brett points to the box that the cheerios are in (they are attached to the game book) and there is a sticker that says, "January 2001". I giggle and show it to mom, hoping she isn't going to be offended, and she giggles too. She says, well, I got it on Ebay. It was pretty funny. So what does Brett do? He goes on to try not to eat Pete of course. He did very well and when we shouted "Don't Eat Pete" Zoe cried anyway because we were yelling at Daddy.

That was the end of our Pete Eating that day but we did try again Sunday and Zoe liked it better, kind of, she still got pouty and I thought she was going to burst into tears but she held off for a couple of rounds before she finally lost it again.

But, what a dad to eat stale cheerios anyway just to soothe his daughter and show appreciation to his Mother in Law for a gift she brought. :)

Gotta love that guy!

August 14, 2008

A Card from a Friend

My friend Jennifer Martin gave me a beautiful card on Monday and I wanted to post it. She is a co-worker of mine and we have been making posters together the past couple of days. She has been in Germany for much of the summer and I babysat her Cricut Machine. That was sure fun. I actually need to use it a little before I return it. :) is her beautiful card.

She used the new Dreams DeJour Set and a layout from SplitCoast Stampers. I love the layout but haven't been stamping enough lately to even try it out! She used the new scallop punch and the new Bella Rose paper with Riding Hood Red and Kiwi Kiss. I love it. Thanks Jen!

Today I am back at my high school in inservice. (Have you been hearing this a lot from me? I have 9 (!) days of inservice before school actually begins this year. Isn't that nuts???) We have a new principal so I am looking forward to meeting him. My classroom is a crazy mess and who knows when I'll get in there. But, no time to worry about that now. :0

Talk to you soon,

August 13, 2008

Christmas Window

Oh man, I am really not ready to be back to work. I was so tired yesterday when I got home after my first day of inservice. It was a cool inservice, especially for me, we are making very cool posters for our classrooms. I will have to share some pictures of the ones I made. They are a lot of work but worth it and useful for my students.

Last weekend I had a meeting with the Stampin' Up! group that I am a part of. It is the ladies that all signed up under one particular lady. We made some great cards and I will share them of course. But, we also had a swap and I made this card. I actually received this card as a swap at convention and I re-created it for the swap. I changed some of them from Night of Navy to Not Quite Navy and liked both colors with the new Kiwi Kiss.

The original artist was Elizabeth Petzold for Rehoboth, MA. I had fun casing her card. I stamped the window first on a sticky note and cut out the big windows. Then I stamped the window on the white, covered it with the sticky note and then stamped the Christmas Tree. I then cut out the little girl and added her and finally punched out the snowmen to show what she is looking at.

I thought it was a really fun card. On a Personal Note: Zoe started "school" yesterday. We decided on a small Montessori school that has been in the area for about 10 years. It has a small number of students and teachers that have been there a long time. It isn't fancy but I was really impressed with the staff and the director and felt good about Zoe being there. We have been talking about it with her a lot and preparing her to go. She has been excited and keeps telling us, "at school, I use potty?" Well, she didn't yesterday but she sure is thinking about it and preparing herself for this big change in her life. She did well at school. She cried some at lunch time and nap time (same as home), but she played well and showed off her dance moves during music time. Here are a couple of first day shots. :)

Talk to you soon,

August 12, 2008

Thank You Box

Can you believe that my summer is over and I am back at work today? I don't officially start until Thursday but I have to be an inservice today and tomorrow. It is a really fun and crafty inservice though. It is a poster making class. We will get to make fabulous posters for our classrooms. I have done it before and am excited to be doing it again. I will try to take some pictures so I can show you what I mean.

I wanted to show you a cute card box that we made at convention. The card inside was so simple and the box was too. I want you to notice the flower on the box. It is the new wide pink grosgrain ribbon. We took some linen thread made a running stitch down one side of the ribbon and then pulled it to gather the ribbon and tied the ends of the thread together to make it a circle. This cute little flower was made. Then I dipped the edges of the ribbon in Crystal Effects ( a very strong glue that dries hard and shiney) and then dipped the edges in chunky silver glitter. Isn't this so cute? It was very easy. In the middle of the flower we used a rub-on on pink piourette paper and punched it out. The little sentiment is just stamped and then cut into a banner shape. I was really happy with this little easy box. Should I post the directions?

This would be a fun little gift for someone, especially after a shower or wedding when they will need "Thank You" cards. If you are in my stamp club don't be surprised if we make these sooner or later!
Talk to you soon,

August 11, 2008

Sad to See Her Go

Well, mom has to leave tonight. It just went too fast and I'm not ready. I always hate it when she leaves. No matter what I cry and cry as I drive away from the airport. It is awful and I'm not looking forward to it. We had a great time together. It isn't always something fancy that we do but it is time together. I was right, she made Zoe laugh and laugh. She bought her a little cassette tape player that has 2 microphones. Zoe loved it and sang and sang into it. She loves the movie Hairspray and we got the cutest videos of her singing along with the movie. Such fun. Here is a picture but please ignore the boxes in the background. :(
Well, I know I just showed you some luggage tags but here is one I made for my mom and gave to her for her trip home.
I used the Bella Rose paper because I love it and knew she would too. Her name was too big for the alphabet I wanted to use so I just punched out a K for Karen and used some cell phone bling to put a butterfly on this side. I didn't want the back to be just paper so I used the new scallop edge punch and added some more sticky rhinestones. I'd like to see Stampin' Up carry these little things. But, these I got for a dollar from Michaels and they are intended for cell phones. Then I used the word window punch to make two tags that said "Gramma's Things". I really loved the way it turned out. I had to teach myself how to use the word window punch when the phrase is longer than the window. It wasn't hard - simply trim the paper thing enough to thread through the punch with half under the blade and the other half sticking up through the punch hole. Punch one end and then the other. Maybe I need to take pictures of this if you don't get it. I realize it isn't the easiest thing to describe.
Well, I want to hang out with mom so I'll let you go. Talk to you soon,

August 9, 2008

So happy it made it!

You may remember the stationary box full of cards I made for my gramma. Well, I am sending it home this weekend with my mom. I didn't want my mom to go home empty handed so I made her a little card set too.

I have to tell you that while we stood in line for the Memento Mall at convention last week we browsed through the new catalog of course (which I received boxes of today!!!). When I saw that Tart and Tangy had made the catalog I was thrilled and let out a shriek of joy in the line. I felt a bit silly later but I was so excited. This simple little set is truly one of my favorites.

Some of the cards I made were very simple and weren't really cards at all. They were more like a postcard but I intend for them to go into an envelope. My mom is great about sending notes to people and so I figured that this type of note would be perfect for her. Most of them used rub-ons and that was fun. This summer picnic paper I used is also a great paper and it is in the new catalog as well. I was thrilled about that! I let out a second shriek but it wasn't so loud. :) When I finished the cards I wanted to put them in a cute box and so I made one. That is the picture at the top of the post. I used wild wasabi for the bottom of the box and a transparency sheet for the top. They fit the cards perfectly but oops, the envelopes were too big. I'll know better next time.
These cards were truly very easy. I used scrap paper and had a lot of fun with them.

Talk to you soon,

August 8, 2008

A Practical Gift

These are 2 of the gifts I made for Angie, my upline and roommate, for Convention. I also made her the planner I showed the other day. I had fun making these composition notebooks. This one I coved with the Bella Rose paper, used the new scallop punch and used the Seriph Alphabet to spell "create". I also made a pencil box for both of us. The color is ver similar to pacific point (which I love, well at least I love the new ribbon). I used more Bella Rose paper on it and some chipboard. It was to hold highliters with little page tab stickies, scissors, a pen and whatever else we needed. Lighting wasn't the best in the hotel room so that is why it is like this. The best part is (don't be offended Angie) the notebook was 50 cents and so was the pencil holder. Got to love back to school stuff! What gift for a dollar!
If you want to make one it is sooooo easy. Pick some paper and measure the front of the notebook. You could cover the black edge if you wanted or I have seen some people paint the black edge white. I used solid cardstock on the back of Angie's notebook but I used patterened paper on mine. I also put some cardstock on the inside cover to cover up the information printed there about class schedules. Finally, I made some little divider tabs with the round tab punch to divide the notebook into sections. I used the scotch glue that is liquid. It is really strong stuff but I think it stinks.
Hope you liked the idea. Angie seemed to. I definately liked mine and filled it with great ideas.
Talk to you soon,

My Husband Rocks! (He cleaned the kitchen)

This week on Tuesday I made dinner (which I haven't done too much this summer). Afterward, Brett, Zoe and I all hung out upstairs until bedtime. I can't remember what I was doing after Zoe went to bed, maybe reading, maybe stamping, but I heard a couple clinks downstairs and didn't think much of it. To my wonderful delight, when I came downstairs Brett had put away the leftovers and had done the dishes. Notice, no leftovers sitting on the stove...and no dishes in the sink...Maybe he should be a flyhusband It was so wonderful! He helps out a lot around the house and doesn't complain about it. I am really so grateful for him. During the school year when I am working he carries a huge load and I love him even more for it. I don't know if my love language is more acts of service or quality time but he manages to meet both of those needs. He is just awesome and as you can imagine, He Rocks!

If you would like to join this "My Husband Rocks" group, check out the link on the right. :)
Talk to you soon!

August 7, 2008

How we get our Stuff!

The Stampin' Up Campus in Riverton, UT is really amazing. First of all it is absolutely beautiful. The pictures above are the entryway. It is a round entrance and if you look down you see a beautiful nature scene. I kept thinking that it is no wonder we have such great stamps to choose from. It seems that the artists have a great environment to create in.

I was amazed at the distribution center. I think I always love to see how the details work. I think that is why I like that show, "How It's Made". Anyway, let me tell you about the shots below.

First there are people that put the boxes together and put a bar code on them that links them to the order.Next, the boxes go along a conveyor belt. There are many zones that the boxes go through and someone works in each zone. As the box goes by a zone it is automatically scanned and if it needs something from that zone if drops onto a different belt. Next, the worker scans the box and then lights start blinking on the bins if that product should be in the box. The light button also tells how many the box needs. Once the worker puts the item in the box he or she presses the button to shut the light off. Then the box goes back up onto the main conveyor belt. Finally the box heads up the conveyor that leads to the second floor. At this point they didn't show what happened but I am assuming the printout of the order needs to go in it and the delivery bags and such. Is this your order below? You should already have it!
I was really amazed how it all works. It was probably my favorite part of the tour. We also got to go through the area were the call center is. One of the neastest things is the demonstrator support staff has lots of little cards on their desks that demos have sent them. They keep them out. Isn't that the coolest? They were very nice people. Here is an example of a desktop card I saw. I figured I should put in something crafty so here is something from one of their desks.

Let's get together and make them! Check out that turkey made from punches! I love it! I have been saving ideas to show what we can do with our cool punches! I can not wait to buy the new punches! There are 4 of them and 3 of them have coordinating stamp sets! I am going to offering specials on the punches and coordinating stamp sets! Just because I love them myself and want you to love them too!
Okay, better get going!
Talk to you soon,

On a Personal Note: I am so excited because I get to pick up my mom tonight at the airport! Yay! She will be here for 5 full days. I know she is so excited to see Zoe and we will have a great time. She and Zoe always just laugh and laugh. It is the best! It has been so hot here and she is from Colorado so I doubt we will be doing too many outdoor activities. I think we are going to do some work in Zoe's room. It might be time to go from the crib to the Big Girl Bed! Wow huh? Oh, and this is great, today Zoe told me she wanted to go to school. That is great because next week she is going to start going to the Montessori School. I am a little nervous about sending her off but I am sure she will really thrive there and love it. It is just hard to make such a big transition. I'm sure I'll be fine, I mean, I'm sure SHE'LL be fine!