July 8, 2008

Tart and Tangy Stationary Box

I offered a class and taught a few ladies how to make the stationary box before I went on vacation. It was a class focusing on the tart and tangy set and I love the cards we made. Many of them were inspired by the cards of others and I'll do my best to give credit where credit is due.

This example of the box is my friend Jenn's (JENN2110 on SCS). I was busy helping the ladies and taking care of details and didn't even get my box finished! So silly. She did a great job decorating her box though and here it is!

The first card that was inside was this cute one. I made a background paper for us all to use and it was a lot of work since these fruits require quite a bit of individual coloring!

My card was inspired by THIS CARD by Amy Westermam at Heartfelt Greetings.

This was probably one of my favorites from the box of cards we made.

I'll post more of the contents coming up soon!

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  1. Hi Amy! Thanks for letting me know you made this card too! I think I want to make it again, I love Tart & Tangy set (is that the name of it????). You did a great job!