July 10, 2008

Tart and Tangy 3x3's

I had fun making the 3x3 cards for the stationary kit. These are three of them. I know that I copied the strawberry card from someone but have no idea who. Hers was a regular size I think but I love the idea of the chocolate covered strawberry. I saw this berry done with chcolate on the popsicle cards too and it was adorable.

To do this, after you color your strawberry, take the chocolate chip marker and color in the bottom portion that would be dipped. Don't make the line too straight though. :)

I hope you thought these were as cute as I did!
Talk to you soon,

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  1. Amy
    I am working the make and takes on Saturday, so if you're around be looking for me. I hope to meet you! I will be looking for the FIRST convention badges!! :) have a great time, and take it easy..it can be overwhelming!!!!! (really!) this is my 12th convention, i missed last years...but, I love it!