July 24, 2008

Sorry I'm late - but check out the bag!

Hey friends,

I was doing so good about posting everyday and now look at me, I almost missed a whole week! Zoe has been sick and I have not been able to create anything new until yesterday! So, here is a new card and I'll keep schedule a few posts while I'm out of town next week for the STAMPIN' UP! CONVENTION!!!! I am so very excited! I'll be gone from Tuesday night until Sunday. I know I am going to learn so much!

So, on to a picture! Yesterday at my Wednesday class we made these awesomely cute "Boxes in a Bag". I got the directions from Paula Goff at Inking Addict or from Stampin' With Di. They both have great instructions. They are pretty easy to follow.

Here are the steps:
1. Cut card stock in a 4.5 inch square and score all sides at 1". Create a diagonal score in the little corner boxes.
2. Fold on all the score lines and fold the little corner pieces in.
3. Use a 5.5" x 11" piece of designer paper.
4. Put a strip of sticky tape on one long side and one short side of the paper.
5. Using the long side, stick the tape to the box so that the bottom of the box and the paper are flush. Wrap the paper all the way around the box.
5. When you get the end, peel off the lining of the sticky from the short side of the box and tape the designer paper to itself.
6. Use a the tab punch to and punch two tabs. Punch a hole in them on the flat top. Attach to top of bag.
7. Tie a wide ribbon through the holes to tie the bag shut.
8. I added a scalloped border to the bottom of the bag . I used the slit punch to make the scallop.(Can't wait to get my new scallop border punch tomorrow from SU, that will make this so much easier!!)
9. You can add other decorations to the bag like buttons or a scalloped circle. I'm sure you've seen lots of ideas all over blog land! My bag was pretty busy so I didn't add anything extra.

On a Personal Note:
Zoe has been sick. It is crazy. She has had a fine rash, that seems like goosebumps, for over a week. For a while she was running a low grade temp and had red dry eyes, cracked lips, and a dark red tongue with bumps. The doctors even took blood because a lot of these symptoms are associated with Kawasaki Disease. (Not Harley Davidson Disease as Brett thought it might be). But thanks to God, it is not that. I was really scared the day we saw the doctor and had blood taken. I was definately freaking out. That disease can cause heart attacks and aneurysms in small children. How horrible is that? Now, several days later, she is still coughing but the tongue is normal, she has no fever and her lips are healing. Still has the rash though. She seems to be feeling well but doesn't have much of an appetite. Now I am getting sick too. (Sore throat, stuffy, etc) I know, I just know, I will be well by the time I leave for Salt Lake City next week!

So, I wanted to share this picture of Zoe putting on chapstick by herself. She is becoming more and more independent. But, still so sweet. She tells me "God Bless You" every time I sneeze. Isn't that funny?
Today we MUST get out of the house. We are both going a little crazy I think. Jenn's son Matt wants to take Zoe to Build a Bear. He has been saving his money to take her there. He's 10. Isn't that sooo sweet? I hope Zoe grows up to be as sweet as Matt is!

Talk to you soon!

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