July 16, 2008

Recipe Boxes

ETA: If you are coming through a link from Tip Junkie, WELCOME! I was honored to have my blog mentioned! The lid on the cherry box is not Stampin' Up! paper but all the other supplies are. I don't have specific measurements for the paper because the boxes you find may be different than the one I used. Some of the boxes were wrapped with paper but others I painted white with craft paint and cut the paper a 1/4 inch smaller than the box sides. This was easier than wrapping the box I thought. Check out the next post to see the box transformed into a Card box instead of a Recipe Box! Thanks for coming by and if you need any products from Stampin' Up! please feel free to contact me!
Last week I had a recipe box class. I have wanted to have this class for MONTHS! (literally) I bought some cute recipe boxes at Michael's. The first one I did I used long strips of paper and covered the whole box. It was kind of a pain. So, for my next one and for the class, I painted the boxes white first and then we just cut a paper for each section of the box. This was much easier.

Once the outside was beautiful and embellished we went to work on the section dividers inside the box. I used the Kitchen set from Stampin' Up. For some of the boxes we used round punches for the tabs and for others we used the actaully tab punch. Then on another I used the tag punches.

This was a very fun project and the ladies that came made VERY cute boxes. Here are three more examples. I'm saving one example for tomorrow because it is twist on the recipe box!

I loved the idea of a Holiday Recipe Box. I made the paper ric rac using the wavy blade on my paper cutter. I really like how it turned out! BUT, one of the new punches coming out is going to make really cute ric rac too. :)

This was a simpler box. I used ovals for the tag and tied the ribbon through eyelets.

Jenn's box was bright and I loved her double "r". We had access to a friends Cricut and had fun playing with it.

She used the tab punch for her tabs and they came out really cute.

It really was a fun project and would make a great gift. Email me if you have any questions about the box. I'd be thrilled to answer them!

Talk to you soon,


  1. These are really great...and would definitely make good gifts...with some recipes tucked in...

    Nice job!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog!


  2. I LOVE it!!! You have inspired me to make one - thank you!

  3. I made one to hold index cards for all of my MB friends! I works great and is so fun to make! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Britney AngleseyAug 3, 2008, 2:10:00 PM

    Hi, I am looking to do these for a larger group project and can't seem to find the boxes to do them with anywhere! Are they wooden boxes or the sort of really hard cardboardish looking kind? HELP! I think they are so cute and would love to do some, but we need the boxes to start! Any suggestions? You can leave a comment on my blog (on my website) if possible. Thank you!