July 15, 2008

Floral Moo-moo

Well, ya know how I posted early in the morning and hoped Jenn wouldn't read about her birthday party since she'd be busy setting up for her pary? Well, she read it! Oh well, she was still excited and I'll still give her the gift! Hee Hee. This is a picture of the fruit kabob arrangement that we made. Isn't it purrty?

These are the cupcakes she made to look like ice cream. She had an ice cream party with TONS of ice cream. It was great. I even was brave and swam in front of non-strangers.

Finally, this is the card I made for her. I love this stamp set and never want to get rid of it even though it is retired. Actually, my gramma has asked for some cards made with it so I need to get on the ball. It is the "birthday banter" set. I used designer paper and some bads and whipped this baby out the night before the party. I was proud of myself because even though I am a stamper I am terrible about getting stamped cards made on time for an event. Usually I pull something out of the stash but I wanted to make something special for Jenn. I actually made her two cards. This one the funny one, since she was having a milestone birthday. I'll post the serious one later.

On a Personal Note: I went to pick of Zoe yesterday. She was so happy. She threw her arms around me and screamed. It was great. It is such a nice thing when your kids are happy to see you!

We had a great day in St. Louis. We went to the zoo there. It is beautiful. It is a free zoo but you can pay for some of the events. We saw a Sea Lion show that was amazing and we rode the zoo train a couple times from place to place. Zoe loves the carousel and so we did that too. Out of all the animals she really wanted to ride the Donkey! **snort** and so of course she did.

I saw an elephant swimming. I have seen lots of elephants but never one swimming and playing. It was really cool. We saw a lot of great animals. I of course forgot my camara. **pout**.

Gramma was really sad to let Zoe go but did okay. They were together for 3 weeks so of course they were extra bonded. Zoe has been calling me "gamma" all day! I'm glad to have her home but was immediately reminded how much work she is. She is a busy little beaver.

Talk to you soon,

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  1. You made me laugh. You *actually* swam in front of non-strangers? I'm not that brave yet. Also, I liked reading about Zoe, the zoo and Gamma!