August 1, 2008

Convention Day 2: So tired, but commited to posting!

Well, Angie and I left at 7 this morning. She wanted to go earlier and even woke me up but she was trying to finish her awesome mini album swap and so we got to the Salt Palace at 7. We just got back to the hotel now, at 11:15 pm. Phew!!! What a day!
I had so much fun swapping out my last 50 cards and received some great ones in return. I was sad to be done though because every time I turned around someone had more cute swaps. But, what could I do with with all those? A couple ladies each had 900 and set up little swapping stations. That seems a little crazy but who knows, maybe they have a great use for those cards. :) While in line for a bagel (the only real line of the day, thank the Good Lord) I missed the first few minutes of opening ceremony but that was okay. I got to meet Thurl Bailey, a former player for the Utah Jazz. He is on the Stampin' Up Board of Directors. He is 7 feet tall - man oh man.

I tried to take a picture of Shelli Gardner the co founder and CEO but it came out very blurry. I'll try again tomorrow.

We got to see 2 very cool demonstrations. One VP of Creative Services, Brent Steele, showed did a demo of the Bella Rose collection Style Watch and the Eastern Eclectic Style Watch. For the Silhouettes Style Watch he applied a Decor Elements to a double glass picture frame and finally he previewed a card with a new camping set. He was funny. After it was over they gave away some of the products they used and Angie won! She won a new stamp set, new designer paper and the scallop punch. She was very excited and I am hoping to win something myself. (But, if my lucky color group doesn't win I will accept the Cruise for next year as a consolation prize!) They give away 10 or 20 of those!
We saw another presenter (Jill Kocherhans, training director) talk about Decor Elements - you know, the new ones, in multiple colors and some two-step Elements. It was awesome!!! Ginormous flowers in pixie pink, gable green and so saffron. A way cool Halloween spider she put on a huge candy jar, a Christmas Advent Calender, and a Thanksgiving rub-on. They were beautiful. She had great ideas for the rub ons and I can't wait to get some. I know already I am going to have classes. I will be taking pictures of close tomorrow of the examples they showed today.

We had a great lunch too. There were cupcakes on the center of every table with this great chocolate medallion on it. They were so cute. There are a couple of great cupcake sets in the catalog too. One is a tiered stand of cupcakes. The other, which I have to have, is a child's thank you note. It is a big cupcake that say, "Dear _____, Thank you for the ______. I like it a lot! Sincerely, _______" It is just adorable.
After lunch I was in the first group that worked on 4 projects in a workshop. I will get to do 4 more on Saturday. We received a big 12 x 12 plastic envelope with all the supplies for 8 projects and instruction sheets. In the package was a bulk assortment of rub ons and a sheet of chipboard letters! Very cool! Also, some of the new accessories were in there:to use on the projects: one of the new flower brads, new ribbon, a decorative clip (paper clip type). I didn't think to photograph it at my table and I am way to tired to photo it tonight. I will share it, I promise! On the tables were boxes of supplies for us to use. I tried out the new wide oval punch!!! I loved it. I used a coluzzle for the first time too. I didn't have enough time to do all for projects. But, I will finish them and post them next week. :) Here is me working on my projects.
Finally , I had two classes about workshops and how to make them great and how to offer some non-traditional workshops. I really loved the classes and took LOTS of notes in my new notebook that I made just for convention. :) I made one for Angie too. It was a really easy project. The composition notebooks are 50 cents at wal-mart and I covered it with the new Bella Rose paper. I used an alphabet to spell create and a rub on to accent it. It had 3 sections inside so I added some tabs to it. I'll have a sketch section and an idea section. I really did feel motivated today to have fun workshops.
After everything we went to dinner and met some great stampers from California, Leslie and Lynn. Both are SUDSOL members (an online group of demonstrators I belong to) and we had a good dinner and even better conversation.
Finally we went to the awards show. It was VERY motivating. Wow. Women were earning checks for thousands of dollars. I was blown away. I would really like to try to strive to turn my business into an actual business instead of just a hobby. I think it could be a really rewarding thing.
The ceremony ended with a performance of Tonic Solfag - an A Capella group. They were amazing. (I know I have used that word a lot today). Brett would have loved them so I bought some music. :)
Well, I am exhausted. I am sure you'd like to know more and I wish I could stay up but just can't. I'll try to get some more sneak peek pictures for you for tomorrow.
Talk to you soon,


  1. Thanks for sharing Amy. Sounds like the whole thing has been AWESOME! ;c) Get some sleep and gear up for another big day! Have fun!

  2. thannk you so much for sharing! I was unable to go this year-and I'm just sick over it! Brent Steele is one of my favorite presenters; I also love Jaron and now I can't think of the other one but last year he got switched to marketing! All the SU people are so talented and so motivating-happy to hear you're having an amazing time!

  3. Carol from Nova ScotiaAug 1, 2008, 6:46:00 AM

    Thanks for taking the time to share! It means so much to those of us at home. Maybe next year I'll be able to do the same thing! (hope, hope)
    Get your rest and let us know how today went.

  4. Wow! You weren't kidding about the long day! Thank you so much for sharing it all though! As a new Demo, I read all about convention and it just pumps me up for next year!!!!!

  5. I'm missing ya, Amy! I check in to your blog everyday to see what's been going on. I've been crafting everyday - you'd be proud!
    See ya!