July 31, 2008

Journals by Jenn - day 3

This girl should sell these! (Actually we probably will at craft fairs this fall!) Now you'll notice this journal is square. Again, she found it at Mike's and it is cute because it has a pink spiral binding. She added some extra cute touches on this one. She cut out flowers with the cricut and embossed them in her cuttlebug. The flowers are just adorable. This journal uses a new touch from Jenn, buttons! I loved the way she accented the flowers with the threaded buttons.
Today's Journal Tip: Use your crop-a-dile to punch holes in the paper after you cover it with your paper. Look at the back of the cover and use the holes in the cover as a guide to punch the holes into the paper.

Hope you enjoyed these journals! I really appreciated Jenn allowing me to post them during my trip. It helped me to keep the blog posts coming!

Have a great weekend!
Talk to you soon!

July 30, 2008

Reporting from Covention! Day 1

Well, here I am in Salt Lake City, Utah for Stampin' Up's annual convention. This is the 20th anniversary of the company and they have a lot planned for us. It is very exciting. I am going to give you some specific information about the new catalog. If you don't want to know, don't read this post!!!
I flew out yesterday and arrived in SLC at 11:10 and had to wait a LOOOONG time for my shuttle to the hotel. I got in after 1 to the hotel that was about 10 minutes away. But, a few hours later, Angie and I were up and at 'em and headed to the SALT PALACE.
Our first decision was which line should we stand in. We chose the "get your bag and new catalog" line. We had to wait until 9 when the doors opened but that line was hardly any wait at all. We got the cutest messenger style bag and 3 new stamp sets from the catalog. One cool thing is that the catalog we got is spiral bound. Very cool. I did have to give a squeel of delight when I saw Tart and Tangy and the Summer Picnic Designer Paper in the Catalog!!! I was also thrilled to see Full of Life, the sentiment set, from the Occasions mini. From the fall mini the Autumn Harvest made the catalog and so did Season on Joy (thank goodness), and Snow Burst.

Holy Triptych was also included. I'm sure others were too but I can't remember without comparing to the mini catalogs which I don't have with me.

I am also really excited about accessories! There are 5 new punches. We have had clues about 3 of them, the scallop edge punch, the wide oval and the lovely label punch (which is in a punch box with 4 stamps that fit it...a pretty good deal at $16 for the punch and $18 for the stamps, plus the tin), but the new exciting punch is a square scallop! The other new punch is a large 1 3/4 inch circle, my guess is the scallp circle fits nicely inside it. If you enlarge this photo of an ikea closet changed into a craft closet, you can probably see the punches and some of the new ribbon. You can also look forward to vanilla hodgepodge hardware
By 9:15 we were in the line for the memento mall. About 2 hours later we headed into the much anticipated Memento Mall. This is the line as we got close to the door - only about 30 minutes left at this point. They had some great things but I was really trying to be frugal. (I want to have money left after convention to be able to buy some of the AWESOME new stamp sets in the new catalog).
As you can see, Angie wasn't quite so frugal!
What did I get? An apron with a pattern like the Bella rose designer paper was my biggest purchase. I also bought some key chains, some pens, and some lip balms. I haven't had an apron and loved this one. I couldn't resist it!

They had some convention critters for sale too and I wasn't going to get one but Angie insisted on getting this one for Zoe. She'll love it. (She is doing fine so far without me by the way!)
After we left the mall we rested a bit and took another browse through the catalog and had a look through the new SPANISH catalog as well. It is so cool. I am excited about it.

We had lunch at a German Deli, it was yummy, and then we headed out for a tour of the Stampin' Up! main office, the Riverton Campus. It is a beautiful place. I realized I didn't get any photos of the outside. My feet were killing me at this point and we were very tired and my camera skills were dwindling. We started in the idea room It is a cool "living room" type area with a ping pong table, cork on the walls for articles to be posted, and walls with whiteboard and notes about things to be done and such. Here is a picture of Angie and I on a bean bag. It was great.

We also got to see where the fabulous demonstrator support personnel works. We met several and got to take pictures of the cute cards on their desks. (I asked them if they felt like they were in a zoo! One girl said, "no, not really, but don't feed us!" - it was so funny) The distribution center was amazing. It is mostly automated. I won't bore you with the details but I was fascinated. I will save the pictures for another time. Finally we got to go through the museum that tells the Stampin' Up story and shows some of the household scenes we see in the catalog. Does this children's room look familiar from the Decor Elements Brochure? It was a fun tour. One of the areas was full of (what I am convinced) are sneak peeks from the winter mini catalog! After the tour Angie brought me to the hotel and she was going to the SCS dinner. I am sure she will have a blast but I am tired and glad to be off my feet!

I have to leave you with one fun sneak peek. I can't wait to order this little guy!

Guest Designer Jenn

Here is the next journal from Jenn I wanted to show you. Again, she uses a SU stamp and paper from Hobby Lobby. (We love a good sale!) This journal has lots of bling with rhinestones all over the paper. It is adorable.

Since we love a good deal, here is today's tip from Jenn:
Buy journals from Michaels for $1. They have a variety of sizes and generally have a binding that can be removed. It is a good idea to look inside the journal before you buy to make sure the printing on the inside pages is acceptable. :)

Have a super Thursday!

July 29, 2008

Altered Journal - By Jenn

Since I am at Convention I thought I would show you so wonderful journals that Jenn makes. She is really good at this. I have made a few but never really like it (it is a lot of work). But, she has several tips that are helping me decide to go ahead and make them. Her designer paper is not Stampin' Up but I am not a SU purist and am showing them to you anyway!
She loved this journal she said because it looks so elegant yet has such an edgy saying on it.

Jenn's Tip: Don't try to cover the journal with the paper by wrapping it around, just cut your paper to fit the outside. Try to buy journals that have insides that will match what you want to put on the outside.

I'll have another one tomorrow!

Talk to you soon,

July 28, 2008

Colors ready to fly away!

Well, time is running out on the '07-'08 Stampin' Up! In Colors. I have really loved the colors this year. I am sure that next year's colors will be fabulous too but it is always hard to say good-bye.

This card is made with the Garden Whimsy set, Bayou Blue, Groovy Guava and Soft Sky. Hope you love it at much as I do! On the butterly we used the rock and roll technique, cut out the wings and popped them up with dimensionals.

What is Rock and Roll? Well, it is easy! Ink the stamp with a a lighter color and then roll the edges of the stamp in a darker color. By doing this the center of the image will be the first color and the outsides will be a second color. It is easy and gives a fun look.

I leave tomorrow for SU convention and am really excited. I have been making cards to swap and gifts for my roomies. I know I am gonna learn so much and come back fired up to teach anyone who will listen what I have learned. I also get some free stamps and I'll get to see the new Catalog! I am going to do my best to post once or twice from the convention!

Hope you have a great week! Talk to you soon!

July 26, 2008

I am always in need of a birthday card and so at this weeks class we made this card. My friend Deb at My Little Crafting Corner made a similar card once and I got the inspiration from her. I used bold bright colors, yoyo yellow, brilliant blue Prints DP, real red and whisper white. I used the Birthday Whimsy stamp set from Sale-a-bration. We ticket punched the corners and cut out the balloons. I used dimensionals on one of the ballons. My picture isn't awesome but you can get the idea right?
Hope you are having a fabulous weekend. We don't have much going on this weekend and it is REALLY nice.
Talk to you soon!

July 25, 2008

My Husband Rocks! (He's a go-getter)

Once again it is Friday and I'm here to tell you why Brett is Awesome. Now, I realize I didn't post too many things this past weeks so you probably feel like I was just talking about him! Well, he deserves it!

He had a really strange week since last time we spoke. He got laid off from his job last Thursday. Friday was his Birthday and he got up early, took the computer, got out of the house and did a lot of computer research. He met with a contact and basically had a job 2pm on the same day he started working. This week he has been working for this company on a "trial basis". It is a company that teaches others how to use computer programs like Excel and Access. It is right up Brett's alley and he is already loving it.

I just think that Brett really perseveres and he is such a hard worker. I know that supporting us is so important to us and even if he had to dig postholes he would. (I know this because at the beginning of our marriage he had about 5 days between jobs and he worked as a day laborer just to keep busy and make some money those days). We definately believe that God can move mountains but if you are gonna ask him to, you better show up with a shovel!

He really makes this scripture come to life:
As the body without the spirit is dead, so faith without deeds is dead. James 2:26

He is willing to work for what he needs or wants knowing that God will handle the details.

I love him and know he will always take care of his family the very best he can!

Talk to you soon,

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July 24, 2008

Sorry I'm late - but check out the bag!

Hey friends,

I was doing so good about posting everyday and now look at me, I almost missed a whole week! Zoe has been sick and I have not been able to create anything new until yesterday! So, here is a new card and I'll keep schedule a few posts while I'm out of town next week for the STAMPIN' UP! CONVENTION!!!! I am so very excited! I'll be gone from Tuesday night until Sunday. I know I am going to learn so much!

So, on to a picture! Yesterday at my Wednesday class we made these awesomely cute "Boxes in a Bag". I got the directions from Paula Goff at Inking Addict or from Stampin' With Di. They both have great instructions. They are pretty easy to follow.

Here are the steps:
1. Cut card stock in a 4.5 inch square and score all sides at 1". Create a diagonal score in the little corner boxes.
2. Fold on all the score lines and fold the little corner pieces in.
3. Use a 5.5" x 11" piece of designer paper.
4. Put a strip of sticky tape on one long side and one short side of the paper.
5. Using the long side, stick the tape to the box so that the bottom of the box and the paper are flush. Wrap the paper all the way around the box.
5. When you get the end, peel off the lining of the sticky from the short side of the box and tape the designer paper to itself.
6. Use a the tab punch to and punch two tabs. Punch a hole in them on the flat top. Attach to top of bag.
7. Tie a wide ribbon through the holes to tie the bag shut.
8. I added a scalloped border to the bottom of the bag . I used the slit punch to make the scallop.(Can't wait to get my new scallop border punch tomorrow from SU, that will make this so much easier!!)
9. You can add other decorations to the bag like buttons or a scalloped circle. I'm sure you've seen lots of ideas all over blog land! My bag was pretty busy so I didn't add anything extra.

On a Personal Note:
Zoe has been sick. It is crazy. She has had a fine rash, that seems like goosebumps, for over a week. For a while she was running a low grade temp and had red dry eyes, cracked lips, and a dark red tongue with bumps. The doctors even took blood because a lot of these symptoms are associated with Kawasaki Disease. (Not Harley Davidson Disease as Brett thought it might be). But thanks to God, it is not that. I was really scared the day we saw the doctor and had blood taken. I was definately freaking out. That disease can cause heart attacks and aneurysms in small children. How horrible is that? Now, several days later, she is still coughing but the tongue is normal, she has no fever and her lips are healing. Still has the rash though. She seems to be feeling well but doesn't have much of an appetite. Now I am getting sick too. (Sore throat, stuffy, etc) I know, I just know, I will be well by the time I leave for Salt Lake City next week!

So, I wanted to share this picture of Zoe putting on chapstick by herself. She is becoming more and more independent. But, still so sweet. She tells me "God Bless You" every time I sneeze. Isn't that funny?
Today we MUST get out of the house. We are both going a little crazy I think. Jenn's son Matt wants to take Zoe to Build a Bear. He has been saving his money to take her there. He's 10. Isn't that sooo sweet? I hope Zoe grows up to be as sweet as Matt is!

Talk to you soon!

July 18, 2008

My Husband Rocks! (Especially on his birthday!)

Happy Birthday Baby! I love you soooo much and you really do Rock my World!

I'd like to take some time on Fridays to talk about my husband. It seems that everywhere we look men are so easily "bashed". TV show portray stupid, clutzy, insensitve men. Women I know always have a complaint about their man or a way to "keep him in line".

I don't like this. ------- When/if I have a son I wouldn't want a woman treating him this way.

I LOVE MY HUSBAND. He is caring and loving. He works hard to provide for our family. He tries so hard to be understanding and he is a great listener. He tells me I'm beautiful when I feel ugly. He puts up with me when I whine or get depressed. He loves our daughter so much; he makes her laugh and smile and loves to spend time with her. I just can't imagine my life without him.

I was inspired yesterday by a blog I read; The Great Adventure. She was feeling discouraged by the 'husband bashing' she hears and by the what seems to be the negative outlook on marriage that the world has taken. Anwway, I loved her idea to brag on her man on Fridays. Yay for men! (Especially my Man!)

In a time when nothing is more certain than change, the commitment of two people to one another has become difficult and rare. Yet, by its scarcity, the beauty and value of this exchange have only been enhanced.
~Robert Sexton~
If you would like to join this crusade you can find more information by clicking the link on the right! C'mon, you know he's worth it!
Talk to you soon,

July 17, 2008

So you don't cook?

At the recipe box class, I told the girls they didn't have to make a recipe box. Renee decided to make a Card Box. It really turned out cute! I wanted to post her pictures her and show off her creation. She knew shew wanted to used yellow and orange paper and even was prepared and brought her own ribbon. I loved her inserts. She put things like "birthday", "sympathy", "get well", "thank you", "showers" on them. Overall it was a fun class and I think everyone enjoyed it. I sure did!
Talk to you soon,

July 16, 2008

Recipe Boxes

ETA: If you are coming through a link from Tip Junkie, WELCOME! I was honored to have my blog mentioned! The lid on the cherry box is not Stampin' Up! paper but all the other supplies are. I don't have specific measurements for the paper because the boxes you find may be different than the one I used. Some of the boxes were wrapped with paper but others I painted white with craft paint and cut the paper a 1/4 inch smaller than the box sides. This was easier than wrapping the box I thought. Check out the next post to see the box transformed into a Card box instead of a Recipe Box! Thanks for coming by and if you need any products from Stampin' Up! please feel free to contact me!
Last week I had a recipe box class. I have wanted to have this class for MONTHS! (literally) I bought some cute recipe boxes at Michael's. The first one I did I used long strips of paper and covered the whole box. It was kind of a pain. So, for my next one and for the class, I painted the boxes white first and then we just cut a paper for each section of the box. This was much easier.

Once the outside was beautiful and embellished we went to work on the section dividers inside the box. I used the Kitchen set from Stampin' Up. For some of the boxes we used round punches for the tabs and for others we used the actaully tab punch. Then on another I used the tag punches.

This was a very fun project and the ladies that came made VERY cute boxes. Here are three more examples. I'm saving one example for tomorrow because it is twist on the recipe box!

I loved the idea of a Holiday Recipe Box. I made the paper ric rac using the wavy blade on my paper cutter. I really like how it turned out! BUT, one of the new punches coming out is going to make really cute ric rac too. :)

This was a simpler box. I used ovals for the tag and tied the ribbon through eyelets.

Jenn's box was bright and I loved her double "r". We had access to a friends Cricut and had fun playing with it.

She used the tab punch for her tabs and they came out really cute.

It really was a fun project and would make a great gift. Email me if you have any questions about the box. I'd be thrilled to answer them!

Talk to you soon,

July 15, 2008

The Final Countdown

Time's almost up to get some of your favorite In Colors and Stamp Sets before they retire. If you have had your eye on anything now is the time to act! We only have a month left before the products are gone forever. Stampin' Up!® never disappoints me with their new offering (such as the Décor Elements). That's what makes saying good-bye to my favorite stamp sets so bitter sweet. This year's In Colors were just fabulous weren't they? THERE IS STILL TIME . . . It's not too late for you to pick up your favorites. Also keep in mind any products (like ribbon or designer paper) with these colors will also be retiring.
Click here to see what stamp sets are retiring as well.
Take a look at the retired list and contact me today. They are only available until August 10th!
Talk to you soon,

Floral Moo-moo

Well, ya know how I posted early in the morning and hoped Jenn wouldn't read about her birthday party since she'd be busy setting up for her pary? Well, she read it! Oh well, she was still excited and I'll still give her the gift! Hee Hee. This is a picture of the fruit kabob arrangement that we made. Isn't it purrty?

These are the cupcakes she made to look like ice cream. She had an ice cream party with TONS of ice cream. It was great. I even was brave and swam in front of non-strangers.

Finally, this is the card I made for her. I love this stamp set and never want to get rid of it even though it is retired. Actually, my gramma has asked for some cards made with it so I need to get on the ball. It is the "birthday banter" set. I used designer paper and some bads and whipped this baby out the night before the party. I was proud of myself because even though I am a stamper I am terrible about getting stamped cards made on time for an event. Usually I pull something out of the stash but I wanted to make something special for Jenn. I actually made her two cards. This one the funny one, since she was having a milestone birthday. I'll post the serious one later.

On a Personal Note: I went to pick of Zoe yesterday. She was so happy. She threw her arms around me and screamed. It was great. It is such a nice thing when your kids are happy to see you!

We had a great day in St. Louis. We went to the zoo there. It is beautiful. It is a free zoo but you can pay for some of the events. We saw a Sea Lion show that was amazing and we rode the zoo train a couple times from place to place. Zoe loves the carousel and so we did that too. Out of all the animals she really wanted to ride the Donkey! **snort** and so of course she did.

I saw an elephant swimming. I have seen lots of elephants but never one swimming and playing. It was really cool. We saw a lot of great animals. I of course forgot my camara. **pout**.

Gramma was really sad to let Zoe go but did okay. They were together for 3 weeks so of course they were extra bonded. Zoe has been calling me "gamma" all day! I'm glad to have her home but was immediately reminded how much work she is. She is a busy little beaver.

Talk to you soon,

July 14, 2008

Monday Mosaic

I have seen several bloggers make the picture mosaic and I thought I would too. I was inspired to do so from my friend DEB. Her craft blog is My Little Crafting Corner. These pictures answer these questions...

What is your first name?

What is your favorite food?

What high school did you attend?

What is your favorite color?

Who is your celebrity crush?

What is your favorite drink?

Where would you go on your dream vacation?

What is your favorite dessert?

What do you want to be when you grow up?

What do you love most in life?

Choose one word to describe you?

Your Blog name?

My Answers: Amy, comfort, cheyenne mountain, pink, snipes, margarita, barcelona, icecream, stay at home mom, Brett, happy, Zoe

If you want to make one, here is how...
Answer each of the questions below.Surf over to Flickr (set up an account if you don’t have one–it’s quick and easy) and type your answers (one at a time) into the search bar. (I guess you could search google photos if you wanted...)

From the choice of pictures shown only on the front page, click on the one that moves you.

Once the page with your picture opens, copy the URL.

Surf over to the Mosaic Maker, set up your mosaic, and paste your URLs.Click “Create!”

Links to the shots I chose...

July 13, 2008

Blossoms Abound - Goodbye to my newest set

I try really hard not to buy too many stamp sets. I want to use what I have and not be excessive. One of my last stamp purchases was Blossoms Abound. I was devastated to find out it was retiring. It took me a really long time to buy it. I just thought I couldn't make it look beautiful but finally I gave it. I was able to use it once at a club meeting before it was announced to retire. ** SIGH**

Here are two of the cards I have made with it. For both of these I used my favorite color combo - pale and perfect plum and always artichoke and mellow moss. I won't part with this one I don't think I still love it even though I can't use it at parties.

I did choose to mount this set on clear blocks. It is so much easier to stamp with that way. I have been doing that more and more. All my retired sets are now unmounted. I'll post about that later.

Talk to you soon,

PS -Zoe comes home in 2 days!!! I have really, really missed her. Everytime we talk on the phone (well, I talk, she listens and uh-huhs) I almost cry. I know she is having a great time with gramma. I have had a good week too. I was able to help Jenn get ready for her party, I had a stampin' class (pictures to come), I had GREAT time with Brett, I cleaned my craft room and a closet (part of the summer to do list), I read a book, and I started my convention swaps. It really was great. She just makes me smile and laugh so much. It's amazing. Sometimes I think one baby is enough. She really is great and would satisfy me. But, it just seems right to be thinking and planning for another baby. She'll be a good sister. :)

July 12, 2008

Happy Birthday Jenn!!!

Today is my best friend Jenn's birthday. She is having a big pool party (what, a pool party? A bathing suit in front of other adults that I associate with? C'mon!) She is having TONS of ice cream. I will post pictures after the party because she decorated the cones and yesterday we made a fruit kabob centerpiece that was beautiful. Anyway, I thought I'd show off a birthday card today to honor her. Her gift is two sets of nestabilities, won't that be fun? I am getting them from The Crop Stop, I love that place. I found them through an ebay purchase of storage for my cuttlebug embossing folders and dies. They have great stuff. (Hopefully she doesn't read this BEFORE the party this morning!)

These are my last two cards to show you from the Tart and Tangy class. These were inspired by Angie Juda who blogs at Chick n Scratch. She has amazing tutorials and ideas. I am amazed by women that really are running with their SU buninesses. I love being a demonstrator and am trying to really get motivated to be my best at it. I am so excited to go to convention. I am going to be working on my cards to swap this week. I have also joined SUDSOL, an online group of demonstrators that help each other out and inspire one another. I really hope that this year will be a fun year for me with my SU business. It is nice to make the extra money but there is nothing better than having people over and seeing them get excited about making something. I just love the teaching aspect of it.

Hope you have a great weekend!
Talk to you soon,