June 26, 2008

No real title for this post...

These are the next two cards that were in my stationary box. When my grandmother asked for cards she wanted at least some that she could use for any occasion. Maybe this first on looks boring but I liked the simplicity of it. I don't have the 5 petal punch but a friend does and after borrowing it for a few days I think I need to get it. Is this card too boring????
This card was a fun one to make. In real life it actually looks better. Once I saw it in the photo I realized that I could see the glue that I used a bit. Hmmm. I am showing it to you anyway. Again, I was inspired by a card from my friend Deborah at My Little Crafting Corner. It was not very hard. They are 1 1/4 inch squares that are halfed and stacked.

Again on these two we have river rock, rose red, regal rose, and the ginger blossom paper. One the second I used "Happy Everything".

Talk to you soon,

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