June 17, 2008

Long overdue RAK thanks!!

Last month I received two fabulous RAKS from the SCS blogger-RAK club. I was honored and the cards are so fabulous.

The first card is from Tammy at Stamp with Tammy. She has a great blog, I follow her on my google reader. I really need to get square punches, can you believe I don't have them? Very cute. Thanks Tammy, it really added some sunshine to my day, during a horribly busy time of the year!

This second card is also great. In fact, I had seen one on Beate's blog because she sent one to her too and I saved it because I wanted to CASE it. Then, I got one of my own. So funny huh? I loved the way she used the Time Well Spent flowers to make a background. I loved it. This is from Heather at Ribbons and Ink. She also included such a nice note. Thanks Heather. I really appreciate you thinking of me. It made my day!

On a Personal Note: Things have been going well. This is my second week of summer and man is Zoe a ton of work! She requires a lot of activity to keep her busy. So, Brett and I made a schedule so that I don't go crazy, because when she is bored she is fussy. :) So, we go to a 30 minute "creative movement" dance class on Mondays. We are trying to find a gym we like for gymnastics class on Tuesday and we also go to the store. Tuesday afternoons is pool time. (Today with her long nap it will be Tuesday evening pool time and daddy will get to go). Wednesday I have my stamp classes or open houses, Thursday morning is pool time and I haven't dedicated anything to Thursday afternoons yet. Friday is Mommy's Day OFF, I mean, OUT. This SAHM thing is a ton of work. Thank goodness I have a job! (I may be kidding but I'm not sure yet).

Next Thursday we leave for Illinois. I get to go with Zoe for a week and Brett will come for a few days and I'll go home with him. Then Zoe gets to stay in Illinois with gramma for another week. She is gonna have a blast. Then I'll go get her.

Then we have a couple more weeks of our routine and then I am taking a trip to Salt Lake for the Stampin Up convention for a few days. It'll be weird to be away from Brett and Zoe but I am looking forward to going.

Well, that is all for now. Hope everyone is well and...

Talk to you soon!

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