July 7, 2008

Happy 4th of July

Happy July anyway! I was out of town and had great intentions of keeping the blog posts coming regulary but alas, it did not come to pass! I had scheduled several ahead of time and so they were showing up on a daily basis for quite a while. I love the scheduling feature of blogger!

I just wanted to share this card that I had done with my Stampin' Club in June. I know that I CASED it from someone but the picture I saved didn't have a watermark and I forgot to title the picture with the blogname. (That is how I remember who's art I am immitating).

I would have looked great with Brilliant Blue but I was out! But I ordered some and it is now sitting in a box at the front door! If you notice the white star on the front of the fold is ripped off. That would be thanks to Zoe. If she gets a hold of my paper crafts she likes to test the different adhesives I use to see what is the best. I guess this one didn't really pass her test. The red stars did survive though!

I have been using the scotch permentant adhesive. It is liquid. I am used to the tape runners but I must admit I do love the scotch. It was recommended by Rochelle at Impressions. She has great recommendations, so I take them!

On a Personal Note: Brett and I just returned from Illinois last night. I had left on the 28th with Zoe to go and stay with Brett's mom and visit his family. We really had a great time. Anna, the 6 week baby, is so sweet and tiny and it was strange to hold her. It made me long for the next baby! I am excited that Brett and I have been talking about expanding the family and we are looking into that option! She is a sweet little thing, let me tell you. Daniel, Anna's big brother, is Zoe's age and he and Zoe really hit it off. He is gorgeous and kind and sweet. After a couple days we got to see Emma, the oldest cousin at 3 years, and Abby, the 7 month old. Emma and Zoe had a lot of fun and a lot of fights. It was totally to be expected. Abby is so incredibly beautiful. Just the sweetest thing. Her eyes are huge and DARK blue and she has a very serious face a lot of the time. She rarely does but when she does it is as if her world is ending. Brett flew in on the 2nd and I was soooo happy to see him. I really had missed him. Zoe was thrilled and could not get enough of him when she woke up to find he had arrived. The family times were really great. Brett and I flew home last night and it was so hard to leave Zoe. But, she is staying with gramma for a whole nother week! I can't believe it. What will I do with myself? I miss her already. She is the very best hugger. Today I have been lazy. I have cleared out my google reader, it had really grown full, I checked email, ate and even read my book for over and hour and finished it. Now I am catching up on blogging and tonight I am going to stamp with the club that got me started with Stampin' Up before I was a demonstrator! The rest of the week will be busier so I didn't feel bad taking today off!

Have great week and I'll talk to you soon!

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  1. Love the card, that speaks happy birthday USA! Very creative.

    I just wanted to stop by and say thanks for entering the giveaway at Tip Junkie, best of luck to you and I hope to see you around again.

    Take care-