June 27, 2008

3x3's for Stationary Box

I know that Fresh Cuts is the hotest thing right now and I haven't even really used it until the other day. I didn't buy it. I know, I know, what kind of demonstatror am I? Well, I just didn't LOVE it and don't buy every little thing that comes along. My upline bought it and let me borrow it ofr a few days. I don't have the die cut notes but I thought that these little 3x3's came out well even without the. My favorite is the first one above with the sahara sand branch on the side. (Another bad demo confession, I didn't buy river rock ink. I love the paper but isn't the ink almos the same as sahara sand?)

I used the thumping technique on these cards. What a simple way to add some life to a background stamp. Just ink up your stamp, take a marker in a bit of a darker color (or a contrasting color could work too I guess) and tap the brush side of the marker randomly on top of the lighter colored ink. Here is a link to the tutorial on SCS.

Hope you enjoyed those. They are easy to make and I do admit that the little Fresh Cuts background made them painless and quick. (As I mentioned yesterday, I was getting a bit anxious to finish this project - the stationary box.)

Talk to you soon!

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  1. SO pretty! Love your colour combo. I can't get enough of 3x3's! :0)