May 5, 2008

Thanks Brett, Vin and Pyzam! A Techie Post

Well, I'd been wanting a new layout for awhile but I know NOTHING about HTML or XML code. I was whining to my husband and he came over to just look at what I was fiddling with. (Right, just to look). Soon we were saving code just in case we screwed up and pasting new code. We had some trial and error. I wanted a new layout but I didn't want to lose my side bar items so, I found a fun background/layout from Pyzam that I liked and then Brett and I tried to figure out where in the blogger code my sidebar items were located. We tried one thing and failed and I was ready to be done. But here is how you do it - my amazing husband figured it out:

1. In blogger copy the code that starts with the tag and copy all the way until you see the other tag at the end of the code. Copy this to a word document or to the notepad.
2. Paste the new code for the new layout you want.
3. Select the text in the new code from the first to the second and once selected paste in the original stuff you copied from blogger.
4. That should do it! You have a new layout and didn't lose your side bar stuff!

Okay, then the second thing that bothers me is that my posts are so narrow. So, I found this guy Vin's blog (betabloggerfordummies) and totally was able to follow his insturctions on how to widen my posts, sidebar or header. Thanks so much Vin. He has other tutorials too. His blog is not the easiest to figure out but don't give up, his info is good! To do this I just added the same amount of pixels to the outer wrapper and main wrapper and it increases the size of the area where the posts are. I increased it by 240 pixels.

I didn't mess with the sidebar or header yet. I am tired, need to pick up the house and it is late. Too late.

Okay, have a great week ya'll. Only 5 weeks of school left. 3 to teach, 1 to review and one for exams. I can do it!!!

See you soon,

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