May 22, 2008

A Shower for Darla

My friend Darla is having her third baby soon and her shower was Saturday. Mattias should be joining us soon! She had a large turn out and it was a fun shower. This is the card I made her. I cased the card layout and idea from Pat Huntoon at Pat Stamps. She is so very creative and even has her own newsletter called Technique Junkie. I didn't have her card in front of me when I made mine so I cased her from memory.

My friend Sarah did a great job as the hostess. She had help but she really pulled it off! She is baker and has a business, Let There Be Cake, and her cake was so beautiful! And I must say it seemed extra delicious. It had bevarian cream filling...Yummy! If you have followed my blog from the beginning you may remember the amazing cake she made for Zoe's first birthday.

There was also a diaper cake at the shower. It was purchased and very cute. I have to say though that Susan Liles had one on her blog yesterday that she made and it was ADORABLE! Click HERE to see directions that she has. The second picture of the diaper cake shows the list of what was inside it. This one from the shower was FULL of baby items. If you click the picture it gets bigger.

On a Personal Note: Speaking of babies, I frequently am asked when we will have another. (As if Zoe were not absolutely enough!) Well, here is my plan; I'd really like to lose 20-30 pounds this summer and then try in August or early September. This of course is ideal for a teacher. My last pregnancy went well but the stress of finding a sub and then dealing with all the HORRIBLE things that happened while the sub was in my room was just a huge burden. I don't really want to deal with that again and so the less sub the better! So, that is the plan. Now, I MUST get motivated to lose the weight!


  1. How fun. I love the card, I love the diaper cake, and I LOVE the real cake. BEAUTIFUL!!

  2. Adorable card and the cakes look amazing!!

    Jessica Lynn