May 7, 2008

Fun with Foamies

Recently we had I had a chance to play with some "foamies". This was fun. Our family group at church is made up of a lot of families and we started a baby-sitting co-op. 2 or 3 couples volunteer to babysit, everyone else drops off the kids and gets to have a date. It has been great so far. We do it about twice a month. We were out of town for the first one (Brett was in the roller blade marathon in Austin), we volunteered to help with the second and we got to have a date this past Saturday and our friends kept Zoe. It is great. When we helped out my friend Rosa had bought some foamies kits. The kids loved making things and it was so fun. I made a couple for myself...well one for my craft area and one for my neice Emma. Here they are! (oh, the ribbon on Emma's is from Doodliedoo)

Talk to you soon!

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