May 20, 2008

100th Post and Blogaversary Give Away!

Well, this is officially my 100th post! Very exciting. I also celebrated my blogoversary this week. I actually think it has been more than a year according to my first post but that is okay. I am not even sure what to say in a 100th post, it seems like it should be something monumental!

I have really enjoyed blogging although I may not be of the everyday, design team, famous variety.

In the past year my daughter entered the twos and has changed in unbelievable ways.

I became a Stampin' Up demonstrator.

I have had a lot of turmoil thinking I was moving, not moving, moving and finally not moving to Colorado.

I have been battling with my weight and losing.

I have been growing spiritually.

I have started praying with my husband every night and it is awesome.

I have been journaling frequently in my cool new journal (more in an upcoming post).

I have gained a best friend in Jenn and it is fabulous!

I became and Aunt for the third time and soon for the 4th time.

We finally got out house painted. (to prepare for the move/non move)

I have been working with Brett to master our finances and not them master us.

I supported my husband as he went through a long career search (Yay for the new job he started yesterday!)

I have lowered my cholesterol some.

I made it through my 11th year as a high school teacher.

I have made at least 100 different cards and projects.

I have had to move my "craft room" 4 times.

I was able to celebrate with my best friend the excitement of her first pregnancy.

It has been a good year and as always full of good and bad.

So - onto the giveaway. :) I recently found some items I love! I am going to give away a couple of collections.

1) Clear Collection: 8.5 x 11 sheets that hold cards and cuttlebug embossing folders and the 2 x 2 cuttlebug dies. The are hole punchd to go in a binder. Also, I found some (well, Jenn found some) 3 x 3 clear envelopes. I love all these clear items and want to bless you with them as well! If you don't have a cuttlebug we will adjust the prize accordingly. I will order these items directly and have them sent to you! The storage sheets come from and the envelopes are from My Two Gems which is a store on Ebay.
2) Paper collection: I have some various papers that are very high quality. My friend Evie had a paper store and I want to give you some of the quality products from her. I have fabulous grey and black papers and some nice envelopes as well to give away. I have some nice mulberry paper that will be included too.
3) The cat: I have a cat stamp that needs a nice home. If you like the cat it will be in a special drawing. Just mention in your comment that you like it. You will still be able to win the first two prizes as well. This is just a special give away. :)
How do you win? Post a comment about something memborable from your past year and I'll draw a winner on Monday night when I get back from Colorado. So, leave a comment and consider adding me to your google reader or subscribing to my blog. If this is your first time visiting, please look around!

Talk to you soon! Good luck!


  1. I've had two very memorable things happen it the past year. My daughter was born May 30th 2007 and will be turning 1 in just a few days. My son started Pre-K and I cried and cried. He's been to see the principal 48 times so far and I am sooo thankful that the year is almost over LOL!

  2. I'm not leaving a comment to enter your blog candy but I do want to congratulate you on 100 posts. Keep up the great work!!! I wanted to say that I LOVE your storage system for your little Cuddlebug die cuts. I'm going to have to do that with mine. It's SO nice to see them all at the same time instead of filing though them one at a time. And of course it's ok to add me to your Blog Roll. I have you on mine and I have you in the Google Reader so I catch every one of your new posts!! You have a very nice blog!
    Congratulations again!

  3. Happy Blogaversary!

    You've had a busy year!

    I also started praying with my husband and I love it.

    The school year is ending here soon and I am thrilled, but a bit sad because another group graduates.

    BTW, please enter me in your great giveaway. I would love to win!

  4. Hello. My most memorable thing about this year was moving to a new town and starting an awesome job as a second grade teacher!

  5. I've had quite a few memorable things happen! First of all, I got married on July 7th. I also got my first teaching position here in Colorado and now I have finished my first year! :D It is super exciting! Oh, I am Leanne's teaching partner too (see comment above)! Hehe. Congrats on all your posts and thanks for the wonderful blog candy!! I love checking your blog! :D I would love the cat stamp too! I have a friend who is a huge fan of cats.

  6. Woohoo!!! Congrats on your 100th post and Blogaversary!! Wheee...!!!

    My most memorable event in the past year would definitely be getting married :)

    Take care!
    Thank you so much for the chance to win!
    bunnybox9 at gmail dot com

  7. Congrats on having 100 posts. Woo Hoo! Something memorable for me this year was that my three girls and I had to do some adjusting this school year. My oldest started 7th grade and started middle school, my middle daughter started all day school (1st grade) and my youngest started kindergarten. I had to adjust to their different schedules and having 3 hours to myself during the day. Next school year will ROCK. All the girls in school all day. Woo Hoo. 6 free hours. (well, 4 free hours. I should really go to the gym for a couple hours while they are gone. It's either that or get a job)

  8. Congrats on the go girl! I love reading all the tidbits about your life. All the best with the weight loss...I understand the struggle! I also really like your 3x3 gift card pouch!
    Something memorable...we're celebrating our "28th" Anniversary...and still love each other deeply!!
    What an awesome give-away...thanks for this chance to win sweet candy!
    ~Brenda H.

  9. The greatest thing about last year is I can stamp and scrap almost anytime I want to! Thanks for the chance to win the great blog candy. Wanda in CT

  10. Hi! Congrats on 100 posts!
    I had a very memorable year...the best resulted in our move to Georgia! Love it here!
    God Bless!

    Oh, and I like the cat!!

  11. The best thing probably was when DH switched from a night job to a day job. It sure works out better for me and the kids...Thanks for sharing, Kathy Hering...

  12. The most memorable thing for me this past year was getting engaged :) We're getting married this December and I can't wait! We also bought a house; in fact my fiance proposed the day after his offer was accepted on the house. Talk about a lot of commitment in one weekend!

  13. Great blog ! We moved out of our home and downsized into an apartment and for the first time in 30 years hubby and I live alone with each other.

  14. The most memorable thing for me was sad, but another memorable thing was making a whole new group of friends.

    Congratulations on the milestones!

  15. My most memorable event of the past year was to attend a family reunion of more than 80 people, none of whom I had ever met - and who 8 months earlier I didn't even know existed! It was really great!


  16. Congrats on the 100th Post!! My most memorable thing of this year..I have really 2. The first is we've changed churches last September..and we absolutly love our new church..we are just so blessed by it..and #2 In May I started doing Weight Watchers on my own..and so far I've lost 25 lbs. I'm so excited..and Cant wait to get to goal. Thanks so much fo rthe chance to win.

  17. Congratulations on your 100 posts and all the memorable things that happened to you this year. My most memorable thing was finally traveling to Las Vegas to visit my oldest son. We hadn't seen him for several years and I really missed him a lot. Thanks for the chance to win some neat blog candy.

    I put your blog on my Google reader.

  18. Congrats on your blogging achievements and a memorable year. My most memorable occassion was the birth of my great niece, Hailey. She's a wonderful additon to our family. Adorable too!

  19. Happy blogoversary to you and congratulations on your 100th post.
    Last year I had experienced many nice moments, but also sad ones. The nicest experience was the baptism of our son, he wanted in the Christian municipality. Then I have found in Berlin many new friends.
    Thanks for the chance at your candy.

  20. Let's see..memorable events. Well...I made your list of memorable events. That's cool! I'm very grateful for our friendship and grateful that our husbands are great friends, too! Congrats on the 100th post and look forward to an awesome summer of stampin' and fun!


  21. MM thing about this last year- going on a trip to Quebec with 69 grade 8 students. It was an amazing trip, and such an amazing event to be able to share that experience with my son as well.

    Definitely a memory I will treasure forever!!
    Congrats on your blogaversary!
    I'm a first timer here but will be back! ;O)