May 28, 2008

Stamping Club

For our May Stamp Club, Angie (SCS dragonpynk) came up with two GREAT cards. I especially loved the brown one using the True Friend set. It was a great masculine card. The blue card (which is horribly photographed!) used the Embrace Life set. I don't have that one but have seen such nice cards with it. I have so many flowers. Is it possible to have too many? My husband would say yes, my stamping addicted upline Angie would say "No Way!"

I am the demonstrator for the June club. I better get to work!!!

Talk to you soon,

Jenn's Kiss Box

My friend Jenn (SCS Jenn2110) is so creative! I am amazed by the stuff she comes up with. She comes up with an idea or sees something someone has done and gets right to work and whips something out. It is amazing! She made this cute little Kiss Box. I thought it was adorable. Simple and cute! Husbands don't get this type of thing. Hers said, "Now that was a colossal waste of time!" He said it with a smile and he is supportive of her craft but I still gave him the dirty look and told him it wasn't a waste because I was encouraged by it. :) I am not sure if she CASED this or if she measured and came up with it on her own. I searched for a tutorial on SCS and didn't see one so I'm not sure. I love that College Prep paper with the flower fusion. I need to get those flowers! (Can we really have too many embellishments?)
Talk to you soon!

Blog Give-Away Winners!

Sorry this is late! I came home from Colorado/Kansas on Monday and it was late so I didn't draw a winner. Zoe is in Colorado with Gramma and so she is having a great time. Brett and I went to a movie last night (Indiana Jones - good but cheesey). It was great to have a date.

So, now I have winners! Brett picked the numbers from my 21 entries!

First Prize #5 - Stephanie! Stephanie said...
I've had quite a few memorable things happen! First of all, I got married on July 7th. I also got my first teaching position here in Colorado and now I have finished my first year! :D It is super exciting! Oh, I am Leanne's teaching partner too (see comment above)! Hehe. Congrats on all your posts and thanks for the wonderful blog candy!! I love checking your blog! :D I would love the cat stamp too! I have a friend who is a huge fan of cats.

Second Prize # 18 - Shelia D! Sheila D said...
Congrats on your blogging achievements and a memorable year. My most memorable occassion was the birth of my great niece, Hailey. She's a wonderful additon to our family. Adorable too!

The cat stamp winner is JenMarie! JenMarie said...
Hi! Congrats on 100 posts!I had a very memorable year...the best resulted in our move to Georgia! Love it here!God Bless!Oh, and I like the cat!!

Contact me ladies and we'll work out the prize details!

May 22, 2008

A Shower for Darla

My friend Darla is having her third baby soon and her shower was Saturday. Mattias should be joining us soon! She had a large turn out and it was a fun shower. This is the card I made her. I cased the card layout and idea from Pat Huntoon at Pat Stamps. She is so very creative and even has her own newsletter called Technique Junkie. I didn't have her card in front of me when I made mine so I cased her from memory.

My friend Sarah did a great job as the hostess. She had help but she really pulled it off! She is baker and has a business, Let There Be Cake, and her cake was so beautiful! And I must say it seemed extra delicious. It had bevarian cream filling...Yummy! If you have followed my blog from the beginning you may remember the amazing cake she made for Zoe's first birthday.

There was also a diaper cake at the shower. It was purchased and very cute. I have to say though that Susan Liles had one on her blog yesterday that she made and it was ADORABLE! Click HERE to see directions that she has. The second picture of the diaper cake shows the list of what was inside it. This one from the shower was FULL of baby items. If you click the picture it gets bigger.

On a Personal Note: Speaking of babies, I frequently am asked when we will have another. (As if Zoe were not absolutely enough!) Well, here is my plan; I'd really like to lose 20-30 pounds this summer and then try in August or early September. This of course is ideal for a teacher. My last pregnancy went well but the stress of finding a sub and then dealing with all the HORRIBLE things that happened while the sub was in my room was just a huge burden. I don't really want to deal with that again and so the less sub the better! So, that is the plan. Now, I MUST get motivated to lose the weight!

May 20, 2008

100th Post and Blogaversary Give Away!

Well, this is officially my 100th post! Very exciting. I also celebrated my blogoversary this week. I actually think it has been more than a year according to my first post but that is okay. I am not even sure what to say in a 100th post, it seems like it should be something monumental!

I have really enjoyed blogging although I may not be of the everyday, design team, famous variety.

In the past year my daughter entered the twos and has changed in unbelievable ways.

I became a Stampin' Up demonstrator.

I have had a lot of turmoil thinking I was moving, not moving, moving and finally not moving to Colorado.

I have been battling with my weight and losing.

I have been growing spiritually.

I have started praying with my husband every night and it is awesome.

I have been journaling frequently in my cool new journal (more in an upcoming post).

I have gained a best friend in Jenn and it is fabulous!

I became and Aunt for the third time and soon for the 4th time.

We finally got out house painted. (to prepare for the move/non move)

I have been working with Brett to master our finances and not them master us.

I supported my husband as he went through a long career search (Yay for the new job he started yesterday!)

I have lowered my cholesterol some.

I made it through my 11th year as a high school teacher.

I have made at least 100 different cards and projects.

I have had to move my "craft room" 4 times.

I was able to celebrate with my best friend the excitement of her first pregnancy.

It has been a good year and as always full of good and bad.

So - onto the giveaway. :) I recently found some items I love! I am going to give away a couple of collections.

1) Clear Collection: 8.5 x 11 sheets that hold cards and cuttlebug embossing folders and the 2 x 2 cuttlebug dies. The are hole punchd to go in a binder. Also, I found some (well, Jenn found some) 3 x 3 clear envelopes. I love all these clear items and want to bless you with them as well! If you don't have a cuttlebug we will adjust the prize accordingly. I will order these items directly and have them sent to you! The storage sheets come from and the envelopes are from My Two Gems which is a store on Ebay.
2) Paper collection: I have some various papers that are very high quality. My friend Evie had a paper store and I want to give you some of the quality products from her. I have fabulous grey and black papers and some nice envelopes as well to give away. I have some nice mulberry paper that will be included too.
3) The cat: I have a cat stamp that needs a nice home. If you like the cat it will be in a special drawing. Just mention in your comment that you like it. You will still be able to win the first two prizes as well. This is just a special give away. :)
How do you win? Post a comment about something memborable from your past year and I'll draw a winner on Monday night when I get back from Colorado. So, leave a comment and consider adding me to your google reader or subscribing to my blog. If this is your first time visiting, please look around!

Talk to you soon! Good luck!

May 14, 2008

How Many of Me Are there?

I Went to this website and it tells how many people have your same name. My last name isn't common so I had a low number. How many are there of you? No matter how many, there is NO ONE like you!
LogoThere are
people with my name
in the U.S.A.

How many have your name?

May 8, 2008

So Sorry...

One of my friends lost her grandmother. I work with her and someone bought a plant I volunteered to bring the card. I have same color scheme before but just a bit differently. This is the Give Thanks set from SU. I watercolored the image. On the inside I stamped "With Sympathy" that is from the same retired set as the image on the front. I used the little ribbon charm that I bought over a year ago at Big Lots and the ribbon is from Doodliedoo. (I love their ribbon).
I am absolutely terrified to lose my grandmother. I pray that it won't be until many, many years in the future. The time that I spent with her growing up is so important to me. My grandparents had a farm and being there with her brings me so many fabulous memories. I love her incredibly. Hopefully sooner than later I will be able to live close to her again.
Anyway, that's all for now. Talk to you soon!

May 7, 2008

Fun with Foamies

Recently we had I had a chance to play with some "foamies". This was fun. Our family group at church is made up of a lot of families and we started a baby-sitting co-op. 2 or 3 couples volunteer to babysit, everyone else drops off the kids and gets to have a date. It has been great so far. We do it about twice a month. We were out of town for the first one (Brett was in the roller blade marathon in Austin), we volunteered to help with the second and we got to have a date this past Saturday and our friends kept Zoe. It is great. When we helped out my friend Rosa had bought some foamies kits. The kids loved making things and it was so fun. I made a couple for myself...well one for my craft area and one for my neice Emma. Here they are! (oh, the ribbon on Emma's is from Doodliedoo)

Talk to you soon!

May 6, 2008

Happy Blogaversary to me!

Well, I've officially been blogging for a year. That is great! This is my 99th post. That averages to more than one a week and once a week was my goal. I enjoy this outlet but mostly I love looking at the blogs of others. This card is a good example. I CASED this card from WANDA (the Starlight Stamper) to create the lovely mother's day greeting below for my MIL. I have learned a ton this year from the other amazing bloggers out there. I knew I wanted to immitate her card but wasn't at the computer when I needed to make this card. So, I tried to case her by memory. It turned out okay. Hers was more embellished and looked a bit more "finished". I stamped the circles on the inside too and it looked cute. Well, maybe for my blogaversary and my 100th post I'll but together some blog candy....hmmm...that is a Fabulous idea!

On a Personal Note: School is getting closer to the end and I can't even describe how that thrills me. Since we decided to stay the school year has been really hard. I am looking forward to the summer. Before school is even out Zoe and I are headed to Colorado/Kansas for my cousin Kasi's wedding. Zoe is going to stay on with my mom for a few extra days by herself! Wow huh? We are going to try to have a summer schedule - pool days, gymnastics class, mommy's day out, stamp open house, play dates. I am really looking forward to it. The end of June, early July we will go to Illinois to see Brett's family. We have a niece that is almost 6 months old we haven't met yet and another neice that will be born any minute that we will get to meet. That should be a great trip as well. I have dreams of going to the Stampin' Up conference I just don't know if I can afford it. But, we'll see. What are your summer plans? I love the time off I have to say. I hope to make the most of it!

Talk to you soon and Lots of love,

My New Monkies!

I placed an order with ClearDollarStamps and I am in love. I ordered Monkey Madness and the Monkey Accesories. They are just adorable. I am pretty sure that the accessories for the pond set would work on the monkies too.
This is really one of the first "scenes" I have ever made on a card. It took quite a bit of masking. I colored the images with SU markers. Everything is stamped with the sets mentioned above...even the grass. I also used the SU large oval punch and all the paper is SU.
The inspiration for this card came from a bowl that my friend Jenn gave Zoe for Easter. I think it was from the target dollar spot. (Edited to Add: Jenn called and informed that that it was from TARGET but that she went above and beyond and it was NOT from the dollar spot! Hee hee)
Anyway, I was really proud of this card and can't wait to monkey around with these stamps some more!
Talk to you soon!

Inspired by Deb

When I went to Dallas for Spring Break I was able to spend some time with my friend Deborah (Turtle Chronicles). She is a very talented stamper and scrapbooker. I have know her now for 9 years - (WOW) and I used to think she was "way" to into all this craft stuff....and now look at me! Hee hee! She is a SU demonstrator too.

Anyway, I wanted her to teach me something too and we did the alcohol ink technique or polished stone. So, she whipped out a card that she already had prepped for a class and we made this using the "Simply Said" set by SU.
I really like the card and decided to replicate it for my stamping club. I don't have many choices for re-inkers though and so I just used some of what I and brown. Somehow, even though the colors remind me of rainclouds, I still liked it and the card managed to still represent spring. I do love Deb's better though! :) As I told you yesterday, Jen, my downline, asked me to show a card at her first workshop. I didn't have much notice, which was fine, but with a 2 year old around sometimes I need more than 24 hours to create and prep a new card, so I used it for her workshop too. Everyone seemed to like the easy technique! I don't think I have any personal notes today. I'll just leave you with this picture! My little sunshine! Talk to you soon!

Love you lots,

May 5, 2008

Thanks Brett, Vin and Pyzam! A Techie Post

Well, I'd been wanting a new layout for awhile but I know NOTHING about HTML or XML code. I was whining to my husband and he came over to just look at what I was fiddling with. (Right, just to look). Soon we were saving code just in case we screwed up and pasting new code. We had some trial and error. I wanted a new layout but I didn't want to lose my side bar items so, I found a fun background/layout from Pyzam that I liked and then Brett and I tried to figure out where in the blogger code my sidebar items were located. We tried one thing and failed and I was ready to be done. But here is how you do it - my amazing husband figured it out:

1. In blogger copy the code that starts with the tag and copy all the way until you see the other tag at the end of the code. Copy this to a word document or to the notepad.
2. Paste the new code for the new layout you want.
3. Select the text in the new code from the first to the second and once selected paste in the original stuff you copied from blogger.
4. That should do it! You have a new layout and didn't lose your side bar stuff!

Okay, then the second thing that bothers me is that my posts are so narrow. So, I found this guy Vin's blog (betabloggerfordummies) and totally was able to follow his insturctions on how to widen my posts, sidebar or header. Thanks so much Vin. He has other tutorials too. His blog is not the easiest to figure out but don't give up, his info is good! To do this I just added the same amount of pixels to the outer wrapper and main wrapper and it increases the size of the area where the posts are. I increased it by 240 pixels.

I didn't mess with the sidebar or header yet. I am tired, need to pick up the house and it is late. Too late.

Okay, have a great week ya'll. Only 5 weeks of school left. 3 to teach, 1 to review and one for exams. I can do it!!!

See you soon,

Let me introduce to you....

This is my co-worker Jen. She is a German teacher and an English teacher and she's awesome. :) I liked her even before I found out she was a crafty gal. She decorates cakes, she sews, she scrapbooks, she is computer savvy and now....she stamps! Not only that but now she is a SU demo! I am really excited for her. My upline Angie (SCS dragonpynk) and I drove to her first show ( Waaayyyyy up North and it took us an hour but it was worth it...) She had never taught a card before so I demonstrated one and then she did. Here is the cute one she did. I chose a brown afro for my mom because she had one when I was little (hee, hee) and I did have little blonde pony tails so this was perfect. I did not do a great job with this set. If you look closely you'll see I had to extend the arm of my little girl. Oh well. If it's perfect it wasn't homemade!!

On a Personal Note: This will be my second mother's day coming up. It has been the best job I've ever had! I sure love my baby. I am also so blessed to have my own mom. She is amazing and I love her so much. She is my best friend. My prayer is that the move to Colorado will eventually happen so that we can be closer. I think she needs me and I know I need her. I guess only time will tell. I am okay with staying in Houston for a year or two and I know God has an amazing plan.