March 29, 2008

Spring 3x3's

I was so excited to get the paper from the Occasions mini catalog from Stampin' Up! I LOVE cherries and this paper has some. I wish I had more than just two sheets of it! For this little set I used the sale-a-bration rub ons and the summer picnic paper. I based them on the weekend sketch challenge #38 from Beate at Fresh and Fun. Her challenges are great but I never get them done on time. But I really appreciate her putting them together for us.
I used a template that I bought at Target for the little pouch. It came with a 3 inch and a 4 inch one.
The cards are all a little different but they are just so cute! I need to make some more because I already gave these away to my Aunt Kendra to thank her for her hospitality. Zoe and I went to Dallas to stay with her and visit during Spring break.
So, I hope you like these too!

On a Personal Note: During Spring Break, Suzanna, my friend and realtor, came over. We had fun. For the first part of the day we looked at paint samples for my walls. The second part we made birthday invitations for her son and husband's birthday party. It was a great day. We are planning to paint the house to help it sell. Some have wondered why because our house isn't old but we want to do all we can to help the house sell quickly and for the best price. If it doesn't sell we don't move so I really hope that we can make the house great.

Brett and I have packed about 20 boxes (which seems like nothing). We have sent several bags of clothes to a second hand store and I have sorted lots of other things to give away and for the trash. We are tying to pack up anything that is not necessary for the next few months and get it out of the house to make it look bigger and tidier. It is a big job. I am trying to not be too sentimental and get rid of as much as I can. We'll probably move the craft space back upstairs to the craft closet and that is a little sad. I have really liked hanging out with Brett and crafting in the evenings in the office. It is so hard to just pack up what craft stuff I think I'll need. Anyone have advice on this? I have already dug through boxes looking for stuff. We need to get them to the storage unit so I'll quit doing that! Other projects?

1) Flooring: Get the carpet cleaned - if the office doesn't clean up well, replace the carpet with wood laminate flooring.

2) Landscape: Re-sod some of the back yard and add soil to make it level. Mulch the front flower bed and tree.

3) Painting: (This is the priciest thing) Paint basically everywhere.

4) Move out excess furniture to open up the space.

It is really a lot of work. But, we are plugging away. I kind of worry that it will stress Zoe out. I guess babies are resilient but it just seems like it would be challenging for her little world to keep changing. Has anyone out there made a big move with a toddler? How did they adjust?

Well, I guess that is all for now. Only 10 weeks of school left (Praise the Lord) and then hopefully a busy summer of moving. School has been so hard this year! Can I keep it up for 10 more weeks? Of course I can.

Talk to you soon!

Lots of love,


  1. I was just at Targhet the other day and didn't see any templates. I love it!!

  2. Amy this is really adorable! Love the template...will have to go to Target.

    You are doing all the same things we did prior to putting our homes on the market (before we left for California and before we left for Florida)It will help it sell faster and get you a better price.

    Big hugs.

  3. Adorable card set, love the little holder! I'll have to check again at Target.

    As far as the move anxiety,don't stress, toddlers and children in general usually fair much better then the adults when it comes to changes like moving. Here's what we did with Katy when she was young, keep in mind we where military when Katy was Zoe's age. We just kept things upbeat and Katy always loved it because it was an adventure we where going on. She will have some anxiety close to the move date because of goodbyes though. To help Katy with that we just told everyone not to make a big deal of it and be brave for her. We talked about where we where going and what that would be like. I guess what it all boiled down to is our emotions and the emotions of those around her that helped to make the transition easier by continueing to be positive and relaxed. It's not easy, but it's much easier then dealing with a stressed out and scared child. For me I just kept telling myself "Bloom where you are planted, and work hard to get ready for that wonderful day of germanation!"
    Hope this helps!

  4. These are so cute!!! Great idea!

  5. Those little cards are too cute! Great colors!