March 5, 2008

A Musical Party

Well, my baby is two years old. I can't really believe it. It was just yesterday I was in awe of the precious new addition to my life and it has just gone so fast! Everyone said it would.

Well, first is a picture of the invitaions I made. I copied this idea from Stampinsars. She made a similar card almost a year ago. She used A-Muse stamps for hers and mine is not as detailed. I wanted to make mallets for the xylophone but had trouble finding beads that would fit on a matchstick. I hav had a picture of the card she made saved in my computer for all this time because I loved it then and now it inspired the whole birthday party for Zoe! I used the SU Sale-a-bration set for the sentiment. I have no note stamps and now need an idea for Thank You "notes". Any suggestions?

Next you will notice this AMAZING cake that my friend Jennifer made. She is so creative. I just couldn't believe it. She covered each "bar" of french vanilla cake with a different color of homemade fondent and used mentos. The mallet was a fondent covered marshmallow. The cake was amazing and delicious! What a frined huh?

For the party my friend that is a Kindermusik consultant came and engaged the kiddos in musical activities with shaker eggs, tapping sticks, musical balls, jinglebell sticks and a percussion play box. It was just so fun. Zoe loved it. The same day as the party I found a play Little Tykes slide for $10 at a garage sale. They are $60-70 at the store and we have been wanting one. Zoe also go a sand and water table and that was a blast. Thank goodness the weather was so beautiful.

Well, if you would like to see more photos you can use this link through KODAK.

Here are a few of Zoe playing the maracas and drums, Zoe enjoying cake at her new Dora table, kiddos loving the sand/water table, and Zoe showing her excitement over her new Dora doll. She got a Diego too that she loves.

Have a great week and talk to you soon!

Lots of love...A.


  1. This is so much the whole theme you had going with the xylophone!

  2. Amy,
    Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment. You can get an extra column on blogspot pretty easily. Stop by this post on Allison's blog for the link to the templates.

  3. Hi Amy! Thanks for visiting my blog (again)...LOL!!! It's good to be back.

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  5. Sure, the 18th will work for us. Did you have something in mind specificly?

  6. OMG that cake is amazing!! What a great idea for a themed party! love the invitations too!! So so cute!

  7. Wow, the xylophone is brilliant! Glad I found your blog!