March 23, 2008

Jesus Christ is Risen Today!

Ha -ah-ah -ah -ah - le -eh - lu - u- jah! I think that is my favorite Easter hymn. :) We didn't sing it at church today but that was okay. We had some great music and a great message. Brett puts all the messages online from our church and if you ever want to hear one you can go to
Today's was great and was about the men walking on the road to Emmeus (Luke 24) when Jesus came and walked with them. The guys were discouraged and disappointed. Jesus and died and they had expected Him to be the savior. Most likely there were expecting a different type of Savior, one that would save them from Roman opression but instead they got one that saved them from themselves and their own sin, in fact we all did. But, Jesus asked them what was wrong and really listened and then He didn't just tell them, "Hey, I'm Jesus" (because they didn't recognize him) but he shared scripture and told them of all the references to him in what we now call the Old Testament starting with Moses. (I wish Luke would have recorded what he said to them, I bet it was awesome).
Anyway, I have been really in a depressed funk lately and the point that stood out the most to me today was that when we are down Jesus is always walking with us, even if we don't recognize him. I really needed to hear that.
If you are interested in the other points you can go and listen to the sermon! :)

We had some friends over for Easter lunch today. That has been one nice thing about being in Houston; I get to cook meals on the holidays. If we move to Colorado then we generally will be at Gramma's for the holidays - which is great - but I do love to be the hostess! I made a big yummy ham and a cake that I was really proud of. Here are some pictures of coloring eggs with Zoe, her Easter basket and the cake. I got the cake idea from Lexi at craft critique. She suggested using Jello in the layers to color them. It worked great and the cake was delish!

Zoe coloring Eater Eggs. She really liked it alot. I as so glad!

Daddy doing the same. He had fun too!

Zoe's "I do it" egg. She did it all herself with no help or suggestions.

She was very excited to see her Easter basket. The sand toys were a hit right away but the giant bubble maker won over all. The clothes were not a winner at all "easter bunny".

Zoe was making her mark on the world - or the patio, whatever.

Zoe and her Easter dress that came with a matching baby doll dress! It was adorable and she loved having a matching baby. Thanks for the dress Suzanna!

My pretty Easter cake.

The end of the Easter Egg and carrot hunt!

Thanks for looking! Talk to you soon.

Lots of Love -

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  1. Wasn't Easter phenomenal this year? Zoe looked adorable in her dress, like a little Southern belle. The service was inspiring and we all made memories with friends and famly. When I think about your pending/possible departure, I can't help but feel that a huge chunk of the support and encouragement that we receive as a church and community will be taken away. We'll always cherish the memories that we have made with your family!