March 23, 2008

An experiment - turned useful

Well, I made this very simple card at the beginning of March because of these reasons:

1) I wanted to emboss some river rock cardstock.

2) I wanted to use this embossing folder

3) I wanted to play with something from the pretties kit.

So, I used an aqua painter to transfer some blue bayou onto the flower and used a flatback pearl. (Those are cool).

I left a blank strip on the card so that I can use it for whatever I need to.
It wasn't my favorite card of all time but I wanted to post it because someone might like it or it might spark something in someone's creative mind. Once the little strip across the front it may look great...ya know?

ETA: I worked on the card a bit more and added a with sympathy to it and like it alot. Unfortunately there was a need for a sympathy card though. That is never enjoyable.

Okay, that's all for now.

On a personal Note: Zoe has her first perscription to take. She woke up with her eyelashes very matted and crusty. She had a runny nose too. They eye thing kind of wierded me out so Brett took her to the doctor. (I have an amazing husband). She has one red ear that may be an ear infection but no pink eye or anything yet. So, they gave her antibiotics. She and I are taking a mommy and me road trip to Dallas this weekend so hopefully she will feel fine to go.

ETA: I wrote this and never got it posted! Geez! But, we did go to Dallas and had a wonderful time. I saw family and my great friends. It was a great get away. Zoe and I did well by ourselves and she is feeling good too!

Talk to you soon.

Lots of Love -

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