March 25, 2008

7 Random Things about lil' ol' me!

Well, Rochelle Wick at Impressions, whose blog I ADORE tagged me! I was so excited to get tagged! Isn't that silly? I see other people getting tagged and I look at who they tag and always feel a little left out. But, today I got tagged in this little game and it made my day. It made me feel like a real blogger. Okay, this sounds like a dumb high school click saga but I am just keepin' it real for ya!

So, I am supposed to tell you 7 random things about me (besides telling you I am obviously a bit insecure - see above):

1) I am an only child. Sometimes I feel sad when I see others interacting with siblings (like my mom and her 5 sisters) or I think it is too bad that Zoe won't have cousins on my side of the family. but, I do like getting all the gifts (or I used to before I was a wife and mom) and I don't have to worry if I'm the favorite!

2) I have 30 first cousins. On my mom's side I am the oldest of 15 and on my dad's side I am the youngest of 15. Weird huh?

3) I'm a white chick that teaches Spanish. :) I only learned Spanish in school and started at age 15. I have been teaching high school for 11 years. I wanted to be a teacher since kindergarten when I would teach my dolls things but my high school Spanish teacher Mrs. Byerly inspired me to teach Spanish. (She was white too).

4) I really want to get pregnant and have another baby. We haven't started trying, just practicing ;)I would like to lose weight first but don't feel motivated to do it. I know I don't have to lose weight to have a baby but I think it would be better for me and the baby. I have a lot to lose overall and don't need to lose all of it before but some would be nice.

5) In high school every summer I took at least two out of state trips trips not with family- one mission trip (Philidelphia, Mexico and the Virgian Islands) and one choir tour trip (I sang alto and played the handbells). I have been to about 35 states. I'd like to go to all of them eventually.

6) I have visited 8 other countires; Canada, Mexico, Belize, Costa Rica, Brasil, Spain, Italy, Morroco and the US territoris of the St. Thomas and St. John. I've landed by plane in Germany, brussles and England but I won't count them since we didn't leave the airport!

7) I have a pig collection. I used to be an avid collector and now I don't know how many to keep and how many to give away in the move. I also love pig stamps but rarely use them!

Okay, that is it for today! If you actually read my blog and have one yourself then consider yourself tagged! :) I know that sounds weird but I read so many blogs and often wonder if I get read. Ya know? I must be having a words of affirmation kind of day!

Talk to you soon -

Lots of Love,


  1. I love pigs also. I've been collecting for years. Enjoy your site.

  2. Nice to get to know you. My daughter is going to take 8th grade spanish and I can't wait to learn more of it too. I took a 6 week class when we moved to CA so I could talk to the locals better. LOL 1/3 of California is Hispanic. You have been to a lot of countries. Dang.