February 10, 2008

A Friend's Birthday and Beate's challenge

I always intend to do a weekend sketch challenge from Beate (my stamping hero) at Fresh and Fun. I never get it done. Well, I actually did it tonight. So, I felt proud of myself.
In 8th grade I moved to Colorado from Kansas. Immediately I met another "new girl" from the East Coast and we became friends right away. As with all jr. high/ high school friendships we had drama. (Do you like her better? Are we best friends? Are you sure I can date him, he's your friend?) But, we graduated as best friends and I truly cherished our friendship. We both had insecurities and issues and at times our friendship became possesive. But, I loved her and trusted her like no other. I always wanted her to be proud of me. Our freshman year of college something weird happened. I am not even sure that I could explain it. We really grew apart and eventually our relationship was severed. I don't know if I really ever understood it. A couple years later we actually had a summer job at the same place and we would talk and be nice and even had a time of apology once at a Wendy's but things were never the same. In the past year or two we have been communicating and sending emails of our kids. It is so nice to know what is going on with her. I changed alot over the 12 years we were disconnected. I became a Christian. I learned to be a better friend. I hope someday our paths will cross again in real life and not just in the cyber world.
Her birthday is this week (Valentine's Day) and I wanted to send her a real card to break past the computer relationship we have. I wanted something bright and cheerful. So, this came up. I used Beate's sketch and cased the coloring of another card Beate showed from Tiffany Cordero. So, I hope she'll like it. The white ink under the flowers says "Wish Big" and after all we have gone through I do have big wishes for the future of our friendship!
Have a great week everyone! Talk to you soon
Lots of Love -- A.


  1. This is Beautiful! I love the bright colors and the coloring!! Thanks for the plug!!
    Tiffany :)

  2. Awesome card, Amy! Thanks for playing with the sketch.
    Hugs and smiles