February 21, 2008

I was gonna post these for Valentine's Day - oops! (oh, and BC)

Well, I had uploaded these picutres so I could write a Valentine post to show off these cute cards. Well, I missed the deadline! Hee hee. I know, I know, but please realize I am not a "daily" blogger like so many others out there. I can't even make cards everyday let alone get time to post! Well get ready, most of these cards are not my own ideas but I gave credit where credit was due. I just need to copy sometimes in order to get my juices flowing. I am not ashamed. That is why I look at so many blogs anyway, for the ideas!

This first card was made using baroque motifs. Is there anything this set can't do? It is so elegant and this is kind of my standard design with it. I need to come up with some variety. But, I like the red and black look. I added some bling to spice up 3 of the flowers.

Next is this heart card from the "Always" set. I love this set I must say. I totally cased this card from Mish Mash, Michelle Wooderson's blog. I changed the ribbon but basically it is hers. I just made a couple of these because I loved her design.

Still using "Always" I made this card with blush and white cardstock. I cut the card stock in a way I saw Nicole Heady do on her blog once long ago and inked the edges. I really liked the look and we made this card for our Stamp Club in Februrary. It also looked great with the heart.

This fourth card is another case from Mish Mash and like before I just made a couple for personal use.

Finally I made a long card that fits inside a legal size envelope. I have some clear ones and I need to make more cards this size to use the envelopes up. But, I hate only getting one card from the sheet of cardstock. (I am so cheap!) This card uses the "simply said" set and I know I saw a similar card on someone's blog but I have no idea whose. If it is yours let me know and I'll post your name here (______). :) I really like the tri-color look behind the image panel. I also love the polka dot background. I bought that background a while back but haven't used it much.

On a personal note: Well, where did we leave off? We had been to Colorado in January. Since then time has flown by! School has been good but tiring. I have been working hard to stay caught up with lesson plans and grading so that I don't have much to take home on the weekends and evenings. That is so important so that I can have quality time with Zoe and Brett. Most of my students are great but there are always a few that are so challenging. I know, I know. I am the teacher and I love them all, right? Well, ususally but sometimes there are days that I wouldn't mind a few being absent! I guess I am really ready for a smaller school. I definately don't teach in a "rough" high school but it in a big city school we are always going to have "rough" kids. Ya know?
Well, yesterday I turned 33. My husband has been so sweet and we have gotten a lot of quality time together lately. H had read the 5 Love Languages and decided my love language was quality time. So, we took Valentine Day off went to lunch and saw a movie, Michael Clayton. It was a great day. He had given me 11 roses. They were so beautiful. Why 11 you ask? Well, he had one of the dozen wrapped up on its own so he had a valentine for Zoe. It was the sweetest thing ever and she loved it.
Then we went to a marriage retreat last weekend. The classes were great! We had a wonderful dinner with friends and stayed at the Crown Plaza. It was a great get away. I learned a lot. I have had a lot going on lately personally. I have just felt VERY apathetic about everthing and I know I have a lot to change. The retreat wasn't overwhelming but I know that God really used the speakers to help me see that I have to decide daily to pick up my cross and follow Jesus. I also know I need to go after some health issues I am facing and do what I need to do to get healthy.
Then, on to the birthday. We took off work again so that we could meet with a business broker about the business we want to buy. It was a great meeting. Afterward we went to downtown Houston and ate lunch in the underground tunnel system. We also had a tour of the tunnels and a few of the downtown buildings. It was more interesting and fun than I thought it would be. We finished off the afternoon with a HUGE piece of lemon poppyseed cake. I have to have lemon cake on my birthday.
It really was a great week! I am so blessed to have such a wonderful husband.

Okay, if you made it this far, wow! Leave a comment and I'll choose a winner Saturday and send out a little blog candy for you!

Talk to you soon -
Lots of Love -- A

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February 12, 2008

A lucky month!

Well, February is my birthday month and I have been lucky this month. I won great blog candy from Jan Hunnicut at She's Gone Stampin'. It was really a great collection of things: stamps, a decorated nugget tin, the cutest red swiss dotted ribbon, a jar full of candies with rub ons decorating it and some oval cutouts in red and white. I love Jan's blog and check it daily. If you haven't been by you should go! I loved the cards she posted today!
I was very encouraged and the stamp club that met at my house just gushed over the nugget tin. I need to get some of those! It would be easier than folding my own boxes!! I loved the way she decorated the nuggets and the tin. Perfect!

Anyway, thank you so much Jan for your generousity! I am really grateful. I am posting a picture of my winnings - but the picture is Jan's. I couldn't have taken a better shot so I used hers!

Hope you all have a great week! Talk to you soon!

Lots of love --A.

February 10, 2008

A Friend's Birthday and Beate's challenge

I always intend to do a weekend sketch challenge from Beate (my stamping hero) at Fresh and Fun. I never get it done. Well, I actually did it tonight. So, I felt proud of myself.
In 8th grade I moved to Colorado from Kansas. Immediately I met another "new girl" from the East Coast and we became friends right away. As with all jr. high/ high school friendships we had drama. (Do you like her better? Are we best friends? Are you sure I can date him, he's your friend?) But, we graduated as best friends and I truly cherished our friendship. We both had insecurities and issues and at times our friendship became possesive. But, I loved her and trusted her like no other. I always wanted her to be proud of me. Our freshman year of college something weird happened. I am not even sure that I could explain it. We really grew apart and eventually our relationship was severed. I don't know if I really ever understood it. A couple years later we actually had a summer job at the same place and we would talk and be nice and even had a time of apology once at a Wendy's but things were never the same. In the past year or two we have been communicating and sending emails of our kids. It is so nice to know what is going on with her. I changed alot over the 12 years we were disconnected. I became a Christian. I learned to be a better friend. I hope someday our paths will cross again in real life and not just in the cyber world.
Her birthday is this week (Valentine's Day) and I wanted to send her a real card to break past the computer relationship we have. I wanted something bright and cheerful. So, this came up. I used Beate's sketch and cased the coloring of another card Beate showed from Tiffany Cordero. So, I hope she'll like it. The white ink under the flowers says "Wish Big" and after all we have gone through I do have big wishes for the future of our friendship!
Have a great week everyone! Talk to you soon
Lots of Love -- A.

Baby Cards

One of the counselors had school had her first baby and so I made her some baby announcements. I was pleased with how they turned out. I only made her a dozen. 6 each of 2 kinds.

This first card has berry bliss paper, unknown ribbon and the retired baby set from SU. I also used a hostess set from the last catalog for the sentiment. I made the card 4x4 and used a regular envelope. But, I sealed off part of the envelope so it wouldn't slide around and used the retired baby feet wheel on the sealed off part of the envelope.

The second card used some making memories pink striped paper on close to cocoa SU paper. I used the Sale-a-bration set, So Many Scallops. I love that set. As I was typing this post I was searching for the picture and am realizing I didn't take one. I am really disappointed. Oh well. Just trust me, it was cute!
On a personal note: Baby cards make me want to have a baby. My goal is to lose some weight so I can have a safe pregnancy. I haven't been doing anything to reach that goal but I need to start. **sigh**
Talk to you soon!
Lots of Love - A.

February 1, 2008

Fun Stuff

If you'll notice I put a fun widget on my left sidebar. It is a very addictive geography game. I have gotten to level 10 and it is so hard. You begin to memorize and learn places after a bit. You should try it!

Also, my SIL sent me a survey in email and so I thought I would post it on my blog. Some of the questions were hard. You can only use a one word answer. I'm not really into "TAG" but if you want to play along let me know that you posted a list too.


1. Where is your cell phone? desk
2. Your significant other? FABULOUS
3. Your hair? shaggy
6. Your favorite thing? family
7. Your dream last night? unmemorable
8. Your favorite drink? Coke
9. Your dream/goal? thinner
10. The room you're in? classroom
11. Your ex? MIA
12. Your fear? Loss
13. Where do you want to be in 6 years? Colorado
14. Where were you last night? home
15. What you're not? disciplined
16. Muffins? warm
17. One of your wish list items? verve
18. Where you grew up? Goodland
19. The last thing you did? helped
20. What are you wearing? jeans
21. Your TV Brand? Samsung
22. Your pets? needy
23. Your computer? public
24. Your life? overwhelming
25. Your mood? happy
26. Missing someone? usually
27. Your car? paid
28. Something you're not wearing? lipstick
29. Favorite Store? difficult
30. Your summer? freedom
31. Like someone? many
33. When is the last time you laughed? anoche
34. Last time you cried? Monday
35. Who will/would re-post this? bored

Hope everyone is well. Talk to you soon!

Lots of Love -- A.