January 31, 2008

Valentine's Workshop

Well, I have been a demo now since August and I have had several classes at my house but not at anyone else's, with strangers. My friend, Jenn (from the cookie post) wanted to host a Mom and Me class for some of her friends. We thought Valentine's would be the perfect time for that. So, here are the cards we made a some pictures of the event. It was great fun. Now I want to have more hostesses do shows in their home. I just did a Pampered Chef show and it was so fun (and I got $240 in free stuff!). I just don't ask people to have their own shows very often. Most of the stampers I know are in my stamp club. But, I'll work on it. :)

This first picture is the nugget box we made. I thought it was so cute. Inside they could stamp BFF (Best Friends Forever) or I {heart} U and someone put LOL. We used the new berry bliss paper. It is fabulous. My favorite pattern is the one in this first picture. The template can be found HERE. Chris Simon has put a ton of work into creating the patters. I simply couldn't believe it. Her blog, Colorful Om, is great too. Go check her out if you have a minute. I need to figure out what her blogname means.

I guess I do not have a picture of the other card we made. I will post it when I get home. (No, of course I am not blogging at work!)

We also gave away several doorprizes. I made this candybar wrapper. This stamp from Time Well Spent was perfect I thought. I used the rose red patterned paper from SU.

Jen made this adorable mailbox for a doorprize. She is so clever. I see this boxes all the time and love them but haven't made one. She sees it, gets it, and does it in a blink. Amazing.

I also gave away som 3x3 notes that I will post next time because I have a good tip for you about 3x3 envelopes.

And, I gave this little box to Jenn for being a hostess and it had the mint patty sandwiches inside. So very easy to make. We made those for the workshop too.

On a Personal Note: Things have been well here. We had a great trip to Colorado two weekends ago. I so enjoyed hanging out with my family. Zoe and my mom get along so well and that is just fabulous. My stepdad just loves being a grandpa and Zoe thinks he is pretty special too. Zoe gave my grandpa a big kiss and enjoyed hanging out with him. That surprised me because she isn't always quick to be affectionate with people she doesn't see often but she sure was willing to love on him, her great grandpa.

Brett spent several days with my grandparents at the business that we are hoping to buy. He wanted to be sure that it was a good fit for him as a job. He really liked it. We are now trying to figure out how to analyze the business so that we can offer a fair asking price for it. It is challenging because it is a lot of money to buy a business AND it is family. But, I know God will let it work out perfectly. I had an interview while I was there. It went okay. Well, the interview wasn't really an interview but a "meeting" and it went well. I was just disappointed and knew it wasn't probably the place for me. But, since then, I have put in a couple of applictions online for school districts there and I have already had an offer basically with a district. They had only had my application about 24 hours before they called and offered a contract conditional on be getting my Colorado teaching license. Wow huh? I really couldn't believe it. The crazy thing is that all of my 3 jobs so far have worked out similarly and God just always takes care of me job wise. I really trust him to do it again. I didn't take the conditional contract because I won't get to choose what school I work at but I don't think it will be a problem to get a job.

Well, that is about all for now. I'll update more later. Pray for my sister in law if you would. She is pregnant, due in May, and fell yesterday and broke her list. She also has a 19 month old to care for. Wowsers.

Okay, talk to you soon.

Love you lots -- A.

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  1. Wow, those are great projects! Glad you like the nugget box patterns, and thanks for the blog link!