January 12, 2008

The first Valentine of '08

Okay, I like the new Valentine's set. I know some people don't, but I think it is cute. I have a toddler and I know that eventually I'll be making valentines for her classes at school. But, I didn't feel very bold with it so I just immitated Laurie Schmidlin's card from her blog, Just Give Me Stamps. Hers was so cute and I had to try something like it. She is one of the artists whose style is most like what I would like to create. This is how mine turned out and I think it is cute. I need to come up with a simple design so I can send out many, many Valentines (in lieu of Christmas cards this year). But, this was a fun, not so simple design. Thanks for the idea Laurie.

On a Personal Note: We are headed to Colorado tonight! I am really excited to go and visit. We get to hang out with mom. I guess is it COLD there. Hope we Texans can handle it. I am hopeing that Zoe gets to see a little snow! :) We are considering buying a business there so Brett is going to hang out with the owners (my grandparents) and see how he feels for a week or so and get some ideas about how the business goes. I am hoping it goes well. I actually have a job interview on Tuesday. I am really nervous. I haven't had a job interview in 9 years!! But, I am confident that it will go well. I interview with a principal and 3 other foreign language teachers. (No pressure, yeah, right). I am going to take some samples of student work and maybe some pictures of things in my classroom. The biggest deal with this interview is that it is with a Junior high. I have been with high school students for 11 years. But, I think it might be a good change. I enjoy Spanish One the most and it can be so much fun. I think that these younger kids may not be afraid of some risk taking and actually have fun singing songs and doing crafts. I think I could incorporate more culture into the subject of Spanish. I guess we'll see.

I come back Tuesday and Brett and Zoe Friday so I'll have a couple days all by myself. Wow, that will be a change. What shall I do? Craft maybe???

Love you lots,

Talk to you soon----A.


  1. I'm honored you liked my card! :-)
    You did a beautiful job on this card...and I love your black and white ribbon!

  2. This is a great valentine card! too cute! :)

  3. This is so cute! Hope things went well for you! Hope you update soon!