January 12, 2008

The Christmas Cards I Didn't Send

Well, I am usually really good about sending Christmas cards. I have a rather large family and send about 80 a year. Well, this year I didn't do it. Sad huh? I helped one of my friends cut and make hers. I even made a couple dozen of my own. But, I didn't send them. I know, I know. It s sad. But, my goal is to send out valentines instead! We'll see.

But, I wanted to post the photos anyway. I have some cards I made to send and I also went to a great tin class by my upline and we made a couple of great things. So, here goes...

This first one is my favorite. It has little dots in the background, a cuttlebug layer and then the image is sidekick says, a hostess set from the fall-winter SU book.
This next one was a very popular seller at the craft fair I had a booth at. I was really surprised it was so well liked. It is cuttlbugged again with the large image from Season of Joy. The ribbon is May Arts. This little snowman was going to get a lot of use as I made different Christmas cards but it sure didn't. I only made a few of these. I wouldn't necessarily replicate this one again but I do want to find something cute to do with him.

Okay, on to the class. We made the tin, two cards and this little tag book. It was such fun. Angie, my upline, had very creative ideas for us. I love my tin and want to make another one with "all season" paper to keep cards in.

Isn't this card gorgeous? It had soooo many layers and is really heavy. The flower/snowflake came from a tutorial on splitcoast. In the tutorial they use velum but we used the dashing paper that has the little red dots. I really liked it. You make the flower using the small and large tag punches. who knew? Who thinks of this stuff? I'm so glad I have all of you to borrow ideas from!!

This card was so simple yet so cute too. I love that JOY stamp. I didn't get that hostess set but I sure liked it. Then finally this tag book is so cute. I only a decorated a couple of the pages and was going to put photos on the empty ones with the photo corner punch framing them. The flower on the front uses the 5 petal flower punch to make a faux poinsettia. As you can see it didn't get completed but I think I'll add some photos from this Christmas and put it out next year. Good idea? Of course it is! I'll put it in my "to finish" pile. (bwahhaaaahhaa)

Well, I guess that is it for Christmas stuff. Sorry it is so late.

On a Personal Note: Our Christmas really was fabulous. We headed to southern Illinois to spend time with Brett's family. His sister has a son just 2 months younger than Zoe and they sure had a blast playing together. (Usually). They actually played "near" each other most of the time. The last night we were there they actually figured out if they interacted with each other is was extra fun. It was great to be there. Beth, my sister in law, is expecting a girl in May. How exciting! We really missed Brett's brother and his family. They couldn't come to Illinois this year because Tracy just had their second baby, Abby. They have two little girls. So, I guess it is Brett's and my turn. I am really ready to have a new baby but as you read we are considering moving. So, we will most likely wait until late summer to try.

I would like to lose weight before getting pregnant but weight is like the impossible dream for me. I just can't seem to make my mind get to the place it needs to be. I know my health is in danger and I definitely don't like how I feel or look but oh it is just so hard. Sorry, enough whining from me.

Back to Christmas. Zoe was a blast. She really understood what we meant when we asked if she wanted to open presents. She would run and pick one out, one of her own that is, and open it and get excited about what was inside. She got a lot of Dora things and that was a huge success. She got Dora shoes! Her two favorite things combined. She literally screamed when she opened them! She also got a little people camper and she likes that. We need the doll house next. She got a kitchen that still needs put together but it will be really exciting when she gets that. She has had fun playing with the other things and has a few items that we put away to bring out later. Brett and I got her a tricycle. Hopefully that will cut down of the accidents she was having on her other riding toy. But, being with family was the very best gift. We had a great time there.

Well, this is a super long post. If you have read this long - thank you. You must be my friend. :)

Talk to you soon---A.

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