December 28, 2007

A Blogging Resolution?

Well, I've been out. (Obviously). I was so busy before school let out and then we headed immediately for Illinois to celebrate Christmas. When I went to check my google reader I had over 800 posts to read on my google reader!! Everyone had been busy blogging but me! But here I am and I really hope to turn over a new blogging leaf and make a resolution to use this more. I sometimes feel pressure to post because other crafters post every day. Well, that is kind of silly. This is a blog for me. I journal of sorts that I choose to share with others. I have so many things I get behind in. I can't feel guilty about a blog!!! Now the laundry and the dishes maybe. You know what my daydream was today? To have the house totally clean and everything in place and to be alone for a couple of days to be able to be online or craft or read or do puzzles or whatever with no nagging feeling over my shoulder that there is SO much to be done. I know that I create so much of this stress myself. I actually feel it physically. Isn't that crazy? Anyway, I still am not sure why I am even typing all this! I started out wanting to post some of the picutres I had promised. I guess I'll do that now! Stay tuned for a few minutes!!

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  1. That's so funny we where thinking and feeling the same thing. I've been getting so stressed and overwhelmed thinking I have to complete everything. Why do we let ourselves get to this crazy point? One of my goals this year is to keep it real and simple, prayfully it will get real simple one day. lol Take care, we love and miss you guys.