December 29, 2007

So many cookies - not so much stamping

Each year that I have lived in Houston my friend Jenn has invited me to a cookie exchange. It is a highlight of my holiday preperation. I make 9 dozen cookies and so do the other 8 gals and then we meet over at Jenn's and exchange our dozens. So for my one type that I take I get to bring home 8 different kinds. It was a great way to fill out cookie trays for work and gifts. Jenn always has great snacks for us and door prizes. She is a fabulous hostess.

I was disappointed with my cookies this year. On the cover of the Kraft Food and Family Magazine I saw the cutest candy cane cookies and knew I wanted to make them. Well, they didn't turn out so well. I only made about one dozen look like the candy cane and then the dough was too warm or soft to keep doing that. It was already late so I just made round cookies. They were good but they weren't awesome.
But, the event was fun and I wanted to share the pictures! You can see that we bring the cookies in fun containers that can usually be re-used. I brought the striped boxes. (I ordered them from OTC). I loved the little round containers. They had the best peanut butter crispy bars ever inside them.

Jenn's santa's hat merengue cookies were so good and very, very cute. She is incredibly clever. She had to make 2 types of cookies because of a last minute cancellation. She made peanut butter blossoms (the ones with the kiss on them) too. So yes, she made 18 dozen cookies. And merengue cookies have to cool for a few hours IN THE OVEN. This was a huge process for her. I want to be like her when I grow up. :)

Look at all the biscotti! Wow huh?
I loved the star boxes too. They had Mexican wedding cookies in them. (I know they have a better name but I am not sure what it is.) Here is our happy little group. We look ready to go home and sample the goods!If you don't get the KRAFT magazine it is free and comes 4 or 5 times a year. It is great and has easy and good ideas for meals. I usually try several things out of it each time it comes.

Oh, she wasn't part of the cookie exchange but she sure is a cute little cookie. We went the same afternoon to an ice skating social for the Spanish National Honor Society. (I am the sponsor). Zoe and Brett came along and she loved showing off her hat (pronounced "at" by Zoe) and her gloves. She had her first ice skating experience. Well, daddy skated and she slid on her shoes until the skate guard kicked 'em out. They didn't have skates in her size!

More coming soon!! Thanks for checking in, Lots of Love!

Preteen craft night

One of my friends has preteen daughters. I try not to even pretend to face the fact that I will be in this situation someday. Well, my friend likes to get her daughter and some of the other preteens from church together monthly to do a fun activity and tie it in with something spiritual. Well, she asked me to come and help her this month. She asked the girls to bring a picture that was special to them. She asked me to help them make an 8x10 scrapbook type page that could be framed. The didn't have to write on it but could. She shared a lesson about family and it really was a great eveing. I was only there for a bit but the girls had a fun slumber party. Here are a couple of pictures of the event. We got messy but they were very creative. I showed them a couple of examples and they really did some great stuff.

December 28, 2007

Christmas memories and a Yule Log

I have this great idea to make a scrapbook of just Christmases. (Is that a word?) Brett and I have had 4 together since we've been married so it won't be too tough to get started now. Easier than waiting until we've had 40 together! I have the book and a little collection of holiday paper and embellishements but I just haven't done it yet. So, here are some great memories from this year as we prepared for the holidays.

This is Zoe helping mommy decorate the tree. Christmas was so much fun with her this year. It just seemed like she "got it". She opened presents and actually liked the gift inside and everytime she saw a nativity she told me about the baby Jesus. (Well sometimes it was Jesus and sometimes it was just a baby - depended on her mood I guess.)
Isn't this the cutest little Christmas hand ever?She is just so sweet. (Usually)
Ooops! Our first Christmas Fatality. This ornament was lovingly purchased on our honeymoon cruise Christmas Eve in Key West. It was nice. It did shatter with a nice little tinkle. Zoe quickly began saying uh-oh, uh-oh. I thought the breakable ornaments were high on the tree. I guess I missed one. Oh well. The tree turned out nice. But, after cleaning up today, remind me not to get a real one next year!
I was in a recipe swap for split coast stampers and we had to make 6x6 recipe cards for an A-Z swap. I was the last one to sign up (my friend talked me into it) and I got Y! The recipe had to be from a food network chef. This was really quite challenging just to find a recipe. I did find a Yule Log by Emeril. I wasn't even sure I knew what a Yule Log was!! But, I didn't want to just make the card and not try the recipe. Let me tell you, it was AWESOME! This picture here is just half the log. It is a sponge cake rolled up with homemade coconut pecan frosting insdie and covered in chocolate ganache. WOW! It was so delicious. If you are interested in making one let me know and I'll email you the recipe.

A Blogging Resolution?

Well, I've been out. (Obviously). I was so busy before school let out and then we headed immediately for Illinois to celebrate Christmas. When I went to check my google reader I had over 800 posts to read on my google reader!! Everyone had been busy blogging but me! But here I am and I really hope to turn over a new blogging leaf and make a resolution to use this more. I sometimes feel pressure to post because other crafters post every day. Well, that is kind of silly. This is a blog for me. I journal of sorts that I choose to share with others. I have so many things I get behind in. I can't feel guilty about a blog!!! Now the laundry and the dishes maybe. You know what my daydream was today? To have the house totally clean and everything in place and to be alone for a couple of days to be able to be online or craft or read or do puzzles or whatever with no nagging feeling over my shoulder that there is SO much to be done. I know that I create so much of this stress myself. I actually feel it physically. Isn't that crazy? Anyway, I still am not sure why I am even typing all this! I started out wanting to post some of the picutres I had promised. I guess I'll do that now! Stay tuned for a few minutes!!

December 5, 2007

So much to post!!

I have so much to post!! I know, I know, I shouldn't put it off. But I do. This weekend Brett will be hiking so I'll be able to get some time here and there to get it done.

There is a great contest right now from Parents magazine. You can enter here for the prize pack on the 5 Minutes for Mom blog. That is a great blog if you don't already check in on it you should from time to time.

So, what can you expect to see from me soon?
1. Pictures from a stamp class I visited.
2. Pictures from our own stamp class this past week
3. Pictures of my recipe card swap from SCS
4. Pictures of my first YULE LOG
5. Pictures of my Zoe bug decorating the tree

So, check back soon if you have a chance. Thanks so much! See you soon!